Letters of Note -- blog of written correspondence from well-known people


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  1. endymion says:

    This is an absolutely fascinating site. Check it out!

    Of particular interest to BoingBoing readers will be this letter, by Bill Gates, to software “hobbyists”, complaining that they haven’t paid for their BASIC:


  2. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Why do I doubt that Britney Spears has really cool stationery?

  3. David Carroll says:

    Thank you Mark! My favourites so far:

    Philip K. Dick writes a fan letter about Blade Runner:

    Hunter S. Thompson rips several new ones into a lazy movie producer concerning the film version of Rum Diary. (NSFW)

  4. DWittSF says:

    And so, Warhol goes off and designs the Sticky Fingers cover…complete with working zipper, LOL. That’s the way to deal with a client!

  5. Viktor says:

    I think I like Mick Jagger more after reading that!

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