The Day The Earth Stood Still toolbox


Gareth says: "Paul Overton, of the most-splendid DudeCraft, sent us this mosaic toolbox project. He was asked by someone doing a book on "geek crafts" to submit something, and this is what he came up with, an homage to Gort and The Day the Earth Stood Still, accomplished via bits of paper cut from junk mail and magazines. Awesome idea. Stunning results."

The Day The Earth Stood Still toolbox


  1. Awesome geekery with a suitably macho twist. Can’t tell if it’s benevolent or malevolent but it looks, er… pretty!

  2. Does it come with a hydro-spanner?

    This is off topic, but is that the old logo I see atop ‘ol BB? It looks nice, I hope it stays! :)

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