Impressionist Cake


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  1. PAZLY says:

    This cake is beautiful!
    Is it edible?
    What flavor is the cake?
    What flavor frosting is between the layers?
    Did you have a party & share it with your friends?
    How many gallons of milk did you need to accompany all this cake?

  2. scionofgrace says:

    So VERY cool. I know somebody who would die of squee upon being presented with this cake.

    Can’t imagine how long it must have taken, though!

  3. commonsmaster says:

    Uh, I hate to be one of those RIAA dudes, but the CC license for this says “NON COMMERCIAL!!!” Do you really think you should be reprinting it this way? Are you going to share?

  4. Anonymous says:

    You can change the font size of any page by pressing Ctrl + or Ctrl -.

    • Little John says:

      “You can change the font size of any page by pressing Ctrl + or Ctrl -.”

      Unless you’re using Internet Explorer 6 or lower (which, fortunately, I’m not, although many people still are).

      But yes, as an experienced Firefox user, I know that I can resize the text. I do it often, in fact. Too often.

      The point is, why should I have to? And why should everyone else have to? And what about those users who don’t know how to do it? Or can’t?

      It annoys me somewhat that, here in the 21st Century, a reasonable, open-minded tech blog like BB is still insisting on providing main post text at 7/8 of users’ preferred size, and comment texts at 90% of that. The teeny bylines above the comments are fixed via CSS at 11px. Why do I have to adjust every page I go to, when I’ve already adjusted my browser in advance?

      Not that I’m bitter. ;-)

      I know the team are still tweaking the site, but it shouldn’t be getting worse. I don’t care about all the talk of the logo’s style, I want to be able to read the damned text, and click from page to page the way we could before the site “improvements”.

      Oops, time for my prunes…


  5. djn says:

    Ah, I knew I’d seen this before. Nice work, definitely. :)

  6. nanojath says:

    “Okay nanojath, really? That cake is a friggen awesome display of time and effort and love of a craft and all you can do is nitpick?”

    Yikes, okay, no sense of humor on boingboing I guess…

    • Phikus says:

      Yes, there is absolutely no sense of humor at all in the rest of boingdom because a few commenters didn’t like your expression of your impression. None.

  7. Cildar says:

    YUMMMMMMY…. oooh wait… there is an ear in my cake… yechhh

  8. franko says:

    gorgeous. as someone who’s long been fascinated by van gogh, i would be beside myself if i was given a cake like this. i was going to nitpick as well in regards of which movement he was or wasn’t part of, but other people are right — it’s a gorgeous cake, and it doesn’t matter. i WILL say that it’s a nice touch how the cake progresses from impressionism at the bottom to expressionism at the top.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey quickbrownfox- good eyes! I was looking at the whole piece as a Vincent VG interpretation.I bet the whole thing is even more beautiful in profile. Hey , cakebaker- I dig it when real art actually smacks you in the head- it doesn’t ever become a cliche because you want to share it.
    Yeah, I actually said “dig it.”

  10. Anonymous says:

    Was Van Gogh an “Impressionist” or a “Post-Impressionist”?

  11. Cheaplazymom says:

    Just saw starry night at MOMA. The paint does look like frosting. They have a guard standing right next to it just so people don’t try to take a lick.

  12. Lobster says:

    That looks both delicious and impressionist.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Impressionist Cake

    Thanks for sharing

  14. cinemajay says:

    Why is that cake looking at me?

    • Phikus says:

      Good point. It does have a kind of sinister smile with a tentacled kind of hand-like appendage reaching up as if to taste its own frosting. Was it made in Russia? (Because as we all know, in Russia, sinister impressionist -expressionist cake eats you!) ;D

  15. nanojath says:

    Van Gogh was really more of a post-impressionist, actually.

    • blueelm says:

      Actually more than 2/3 of that cake is impressionist.

      So I think it deserves the title. Even if it does throw in a little Van Gogh.

      That decorator is a pretty good painter! That cake is truly amazing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, please – don’t be so pedantic! Great cake!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Only the top tier is Van Gogh. The bottom two tiers are Monet. The middle tier is from his collection of paintings of hay stacks and the bottom tier from his paintings of his water garden in Giverny.

  17. Verre says:

    A finicky correction made in the form of a flat statement is unlikely to come across as humorous in a textual medium. Try using emotes or exclamation points to alert perceptive readers to your droll intentions. A series of at least four exclamation points ending in a “1″ will clearly signify satire.

  18. Smita Minz says:

    Well… nice expression translated in the form of a cake… Seems the cake maker is really a very colorful person… versatile and multi-talented.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I’ll have a slice of the cake after a plate of Salvador Dali and meatballs.

  20. apoxia says:

    This is a great cake. It would make a nice wedding cake, but then again I think I’d go for individual starry night cupcakes :)

  21. roboton says:

    Okay nanojath, really? That cake is a friggen awesome display of time and effort and love of a craft and all you can do is nitpick?

    I have tried to lay down icing on birthday cakes, and that cake is worthy of some serious respect.

  22. Anonymous says:

    yum, looks like several layers of frosting

  23. dargaud says:

    Beautiful, yes. Appetizing: hell NO ! I’ve never understood why cakes you see in US supermarkets or bakeries are so colorful. They look more like an acid trip than food and make me want to barf just looking at them.

  24. Little John says:

    The icing work is excellent, no matter what genre we assign Van Gogh to. (And maybe Van Gogh was a post-impressionist, but the cake maker is an impressionist, giving us the feeling of a cake decorated by Van Gogh… Or not.)

    But I’ll do some nit-picking: I see that bOING bOING has reduced the size of the typeface yet again. I, for one, wish it would be left at its previous, legible size.

  25. benher says:

    3,000,000 Kcal of art-awesomeness!

    This is the sort of project you would expect someone to embark upon and not do a very decent job… but the results of this undertaking speak for themselves – this post just motivated me for the rest of the evening.

  26. thequickbrownfox says:

    Top layer: Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh

    Middle layer: Haystacks by Claude Monet

    Bottom layer: Water Lilies by Claude Monet

  27. Anonymous says:

    wow. i want this. actually, i think i will make one. :D AMAZING!

  28. rose bush says:

    that cake is one of THE most wicked cool things i have EVER seen.

    (and i agree there are way too many nitpickers)

    it’s a work of art. we’re not talking colorful frostings in grocery stores or being a scenester arguing what type of painter so and so actually is

    we’re talking one kick arse CAKE which i would be PROUD to display (then eat if it was vegan. if not vegan, then i’d share with my friends)

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