Makers 6x6 tile game

Tor has updated the tile game that accompanies the ongoing serial of my forthcoming novel Makers, which comes out at the end of the month (and boy am I excited! Publishers Weekly called it "Brilliant" and a "Tour de force" and Library Journal called it "Enthusiastically recommended").

Each installment in the serial has been accompanied by a CC-licensed image from Idiots' Books, and the images tile, lining up with one another on all four sides. Tor is tossing these images into a Flash-toy that allows you to arrange and rotate these to your heart's content.

The serial is up to 44 parts now, and the first 36 illos have been combined into a new, expanded, 6X6 version of the tile game (we'll do the 7x7 soon, then the 8x8 and finish up with a 9x9 incorporating all 81!).

Makers Tile Game 6x6

Index of Makers installments


    1. Maybe not, because Truchet tiles are all identical.

      More about Truchet tiling:

      Just noticed the above is your site, I made a laser cut array of random Pickover type tiling for the window of an art show a while back, which involved me spending the best part of a week writing a script for Illustrator.

      Your method is much much cleverer and simpler. Congratulations!

      Have you ever tried flood filling areas of random noise?

  1. That’s some nice Flash coding. But the wording should be “Show fewer tiles” not *”… less tiles”.

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