Dead guy on balcony 4 days, neighbors mistook for "Halloween dummy"

The body of a 75-year-old LA area man who died Monday sat decomposing on his balcony for four days because his neighbors figured the corpse was part of a Halloween display. He died of a single gunshot wound to the eye.
49893424.jpgNeighbors on the 13900 block of Bora Bora Way told Raishbrook that they noticed the body Monday "but didn't bother calling authorities because it looked like a Halloween dummy," he said. "The body was in plain view of the entire apartment complex [and] they all didn't do anything," Raishbrook said. "It's very strange. It did look unreal, to be honest."
Dead man slumped on balcony mistaken for Halloween decoration (LA Times)


  1. I can’t really blame his neighbours for this one. The “Halloween dummy” conclusion was probably a reasonable one to draw.

  2. There was a suburban version of this a few years back. Neighbors of a mentally ill woman who’d hung herself thought the corpse was a Halloween prop.

  3. I live right next to this apartment complex and see it everyday when I park. This completely freaks me out.

  4. I don’t know could’ve been a lame prop maybe
    Or someone just done by the freeway strangler baby
    Zombie extra or maybe someone groovy
    One thing’s for sure, he isn’t starring in the movies.
    ‘Cause he’s rottin’ in LA
    Rottin’ in L.A., everybody’s rotten in LA
    Rottin’ in LA
    Rottin’ in LA, only a nobody rots in LA

  5. This is unfortunate, but not really that surprising.

    I went to a restaurant today and they had an adult-sized fake demon sitting in one of the stalls. I had to do a doubletake, since I didn’t really notice him at first. I think it’s pretty common to just tune out these things most of the time. Since this guy was up on a balcony, it just took a while for anyone to really inspect the area.

  6. Some say LA is the Armpit of North America & their Halloween celebration starts way too early. It must have looked like cheap Chinese knock off from walmart toy section.(no offense to the quality management of china’s manufactures of America). There must me a sad story related
    to this tragic murder.

  7. There is a lesson here for all of us: Kill people in October.

    Seriously, this is far from the first time a corpse has been mistaken for a Halloween prop. I seem to recall a case in the recent years, of a woman who hung herself in plain view, but was not “discovered” as everyone assumed (explained away?) her dangling corpse as a prop.

    Perhaps the real lesson here is: Pick up a stick and poke it. Either way, it will not care…

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