Web zen: grab bag (including THE YES DANCE)

the yes dance
symmetry explorer
i do believe i came with a hat
gawker (timelapse)
there i fixed it

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  1. Wow, symmetry explorer is new to me! The most amazing set i’ve discovered so far is a search for ‘beard,’ strangely enough.

  2. I pretty much lost it at the fork in the garbage disposal. Reminds me of when I was fortunate enough to have my sister-in-law describe goth dancing to me .(“It’s the phone, no it’s for you, oh I’ll hang up…”)

  3. as someone who has been performing the fork in the garbage disposal with my friends for years after having seen this video, part of me was sad to see that our sortakinda in joke was being posted on boingboing

    and then i thought of merlin mann’s recentish tweet:

    Sometimes I think, “Hey, *I’M* the guy who’s famous for linking to that YouTube video!” Then I think, “You really are a broken little man.”

    joy is not depletable and need not be rationed – spread the love


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