Just to Prove I Have Nothing Against Gummi Bears

Last Saturday, I brought you a video of horrible gummi bear torture. Now, I want to set the record straight. Some of my best friends were* gummi bears. I swear.

To make it up to the gummi bear community, I present to you, their life story: From the early days in Bonn, Germany, to being an inspiration for breast implants. Gummi bears have had a full and happy life before we get to them. And don't let PETA tell you otherwise.


Pictured: Stalwart, brave gummies save their comrades from what might otherwise have been a tragic mountaineering accident. Flickr user iwona_kellie captured the event on film. Used here via CC.

*Some friends are tastier than others.


  1. I wasn’t even going to let you finish, because this is indeed the best unicorn chaser OF ALL TIME! :D

  2. > And don’t let PETA tell you otherwise.

    I’m pretty sure all that PETA would do is remind you of where the gelatin they’re made of comes from.

  3. As a vegetarian, the foods I miss most from my pre-veg days are gummi-bears and marshmallows. To hell with steak and burgers, give me a decent vegan gummi bear!

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