Pedestrian nearly drops briefcase

Imagine how upset he would have been if his briefcase had been run over. (Via A Welsh View)

UPDATE: In the comments, igpajo linked to the Google Translate version of the story (which was in Russian). I think all news stories should be written in Russian, and run through Google Translate, don't you?

"Mad" bus rammed 20 cars and in the center of Perm

PERM. On the morning of October 19, 2009 unguided bus rioted in the center of Perm. This affected about 20 cars, several people were injured.

According to "UralInformByuro" traffic police officer on the Perm edge Gaynanov Arthur, a 67 passenger bus route brakes failed. Multi-ton vehicle rolled down the hill, and having traveled 5 blocks the Komsomol prospectus, inhibited only the stage near the Cathedral Square.

On the way to the bus "collected" nearly 2 dozen "cars and". The exact number of victims is established. According to preliminary data, injuring 4 people who were in the bus torpedoed foreign car, all of them hospitalized. It is noted that the number of injured could rise.

According to unofficial information, "went berserk" assembled from various parts of the "Mercedes" 80 years of manufacture. At the time of failure of the brakes he was moving with a sufficiently high velocity, which explains its long-term uncontrolled "journey".


  1. Imagine how upset he would have been if his briefcase had been run over.

    Yeah, cuz that’s where his clean underwear are…

  2. oooooh my god. they don’t show the other side but i assume he’s ok? this makes me want to never cross the street, ever.

  3. “I will wait for the walk light! I will wait for the walk light! I will wait for the walk light! I will wait for the walk light!”

  4. Crazy. Apparently, the bus’s gas pedal got stuck, whereupon it made its way through 5 blocks, hitting 19 cars along the way. The article says that it began to lose speed because it was traveling uphill, and some of the passengers jumped out through the emergency windows. Just, wow.

  5. The street looks pretty dirty, if he’d dropped that briefcase it might have come open and his business papers could have gotten dirty. Close call!

  6. I think it’s an amazing testament to human biology when you see him pick up his knees and start quadruple timing it around halfway!

  7. I’m tired of BoingBoing’s overly sensationalistic headlines. The pedestrian never comes CLOSE to dropping his briefcase.

  8. Living in NYC, it amazes me how completely unawares some people are when they cross the street. They simply assume that the world isn’t meant to kill them.

    Then when something bad or nearly bad happens to them, they get pissed off despite being the one at fault. Pedestrians don’t always have the right of way people!

    Of course this all applies to drivers as well. I think regular bikers are the only really aware people on the street. However amateur bikers are a real danger to themselves and others.

    1. Living in NYC, it amazes me how completely unawares some people are when they cross the street. They simply assume that the world isn’t meant to kill them.

      When I cross the street my main concern is that I have the green light and the vehicles that don’t have come to a complete stop. It usually doesn’t occur to me that I should check the entire block for large vehicles careening out of control behind the ones which have stopped at the intersection.

    2. In some countries they do have right of way. At least theoretically.

      The people saying the pedestrian was in any way at fault are nuts. He starts crossing the road without realising what’s going on, then realises he’d better cross it a hell of a lot faster or he’s going to be dead.

      And he keeps hold of his briefcase if not his dignity. The man’s a hero.

  9. Interesting how people can’t drop ingrained habits during a crisis. It reminds me how people in the famous Manchester Woolworth’s fire (circa 1979) wouldn’t evacuate the canteen, but queued to pay – despite smoke and flames.

    From wikipedia:”The disaster has become a significant object of study for academics interested in the behaviour of people in emergency situations, after research showed a number of customers (predominately in the public restaurant area) refused to leave despite the sounding of alarms, requests from staff and even the smell and visibility of smoke; some continued to queue at an abandoned check-out. The majority of those who perished were in this area.”

  10. “I think regular bikers are the only really aware people on the street”

    Let me guess, you’re a biker yourself? Amazing how the one group you’re a member of is so flawless! Truth be told, it’s regular bikers that blow through red lights, stop signs, go the wrong way down one way streets, etc.

  11. Airshowfan: How long has it been since your sense of humor left you? I hear the 12th year is the longest.

    The5thElephant: I think he was very aware. He did have a green signal to cross (as evidenced by the red one facing us in the video), and maybe he was just in a hurry. I cursed the idiot pedestrian *giggles* at first too until I watched it a second time. And I completely agree about the bike rider thing. The ones that think that the road caters to them are extremely dangerous. If you’re riding a bike on the street, YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THE BLEEDING TRAFFIC LAWS!!! You can’t run red lights just because you’re on a bike.

    1. Either you’re a fan of layering sarcasm on sarcasm or your missing both Airshowfan and The5thElephants points!

  12. maralenenok: You are my hero, thank you for discovering the context and linking to a Cyrillic language page that must clearly state the answer. I finally feel like a member of the global community and am glad you found that.

    Everyone else: please read her comment. The bus is coming to a red light, with a car in front, but the bus can’t stop due to a mechanical failure. One crossing the street would assume that the bus would be stopping (or they would hit the car in front … OOOPS – time for a sprint!).

    Brilliant, and I am glad they managed to keep a hold of the briefcase and their life. Keep up the exercising!

  13. Are we sure this is real? Watch the pedestrian in relation to the crosswalk he is on. He seems to float, completely perpendicular to his stride, to the right as the bus enters the crosswalk.

    Perhaps he’s just running to the right, or maybe being clipped by the mini-van sent him off course.

  14. It takes real courage to see impending doom and think to yourself–but I can still make this light!

  15. Good thing his reflex was to run faster instead of freezing in horror! The people in the van got pounded hard, though :(

  16. I wonder if the driver of the van which is hit by the bus had his foot on the brake waiting at the signal light. If he did, it may have save the pedestrian. If he didn’t, it may have made the impact to his van worse.

  17. I saw this movie about a bus that had to SPEED around a city, keeping its SPEED over fifty, and if its SPEED dropped, it would explode! I think it was called “The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down.”Homer Simpson

  18. this bus used to be in service where I once lived. in a second video

    the sign in front half shows the word “Mettmann” (timecode 1:51) which is a city in Germany. Unfortunately I don’t speek any Russian. Hope that noone got hurt.

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