Zombie-themed wedding

zombiecake.jpg A Seattle couple celebrated their wedding recently with this stylish Zombie Wedding cake, complete with a chainsaw-toting bride and bloody guests modeled after real attendees. It seems that the pair are really into zombies — earlier, the groom proposed by making a zombie movie featuring blood-spewing teddy bears in a graveyard. noblerobinette's Flickr via Neatorama


  1. Tried to share this by clicking on the mail icon and got this,

    Can’t call method “title” on an undefined value at /var/www/dynamicbeta-cgi/mt/plugins/EmailEntry/lib/EmailEntry.pm line 46.

    Nice cake though.

  2. I wanted to get married on halloween but my husband said no and we got married Dec 21st though I would have loved to have this cake

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