Essential plot twists for writers


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  1. bklynchris says:

    Cory, I personally hold you responsible for the cover of this month’s “WIRED”. Regardless, I do love you! WHile looking for private school’s for my ASD son I have also learned that autistics are essentially, ‘shit eating zombies’, of course I am paraprhasing. Keep up the good work Codak and Cory!

  2. Chuck says:

    I think I’m currently using at least three, and arguably four of those.

    Except I make it clear that Satan is definitely NOT autistic.

  3. dculberson says:

    Oookay, that was pretty awesome. I especially loved “Dark Lord Reasonable.” His cup of tea and intent look are perfect. “Ancient Druids Lose Interest” is a great runner up, and I really hope to see a Reverse Robot Reveal some day.

    “OMG! Data is human??”

  4. Daemon says:

    Actually, this is one of the least awesome things on Dresden Codak. Check out the Dungeons and Discourse series of comics, or the shirts (“Historical Pre-Enactment Society: Because the best History is Yet to Happen”)

  5. Mat H says:

    Funny, but Wally Wood’s 22 Panels that Always Work, anyone?

  6. nanuq says:

    Don’t forget the old standby: “IT’S A COOKBOOK!”


    “All the butlers did it” and all the “Double shyamalan” LOLed my mind out.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh, look.
    I actually laughed.
    It takes a lot for that to happen.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This reminds me of Tom Gauld, who often does illustrations for The Guardian. Now he is the funniest ever.

    Be sure to check out his illustrations for Saturday Readers Letters here:

    ..and even more here:


  10. Fred H says:

    Cartoonist Tom Gauld has some pretty amazing lists too. I remember one full of stick figures for Epic Tales. Actually I think all his stuff is stick figures.

  11. AceJohnny says:

    +1 to Daemon. Come to think of it, I’m actually surprised DC hasn’t been featured on BB before. I’m always amazed by the culture on display in these comics. The themes overlap some BB favorites. For example this could qualify as some sort of steampunk.

    The updates are sadly scarce, but when they come, they’re huge!

    My greatest disappointment was that there were no more “singularity evolution” t-shirts in the store when I wanted one… :(

  12. Matthew_H says:

    The commenters are quite right, Dresden Codak is XKCD-class material. Now that I think about it, it IS strange Boing Boing hasn’t featured it more. Probably because of the rare updates.

    Dungeons and Discourse is pure brilliance – it MUST be made real! So are Rupert and Hubert, and the Hob storyline… All of it, really. This is mind-expanding stuff, people. Go read.

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