Hilarious videos campaigning to hold British MPs to account for ripping off public with bogus expenses

Becky sez,

What do the British do when their political system turns out to be full of MPs on the make?

Why, they make a joke of it.

A series of videos have appeared on the web this week taking the mickey out of the ridiculous claims some British Members of Parliament have made on their expense accounts, after Boing Boing and others campaigned to have details of MPs expenses released back in January.

If you're not from the UK and you're wondering why they feature ducks a lot, read this.

The videos are directed by John Lloyd (the man behind British comedy classics like Blackadder and Spitting Image) and they've been made to support the Open Up! campaign for Parliamentary Reform. Watch the videos, and if you're based in the UK, you can sign the petition calling for change.

openupnowdotorg's Channel (Thanks, Becky!)


  1. Love the Motorhead outro. With all apologies to Lemmy …

    If you like to gamble
    Westminster is your plan!
    A duck house
    Fscked house
    They’re all corrupt MPs!

  2. Having no clue about the symbolic meaning of the duck in British politics, I clicked on the link for an explanation, but alas! got a 404 . . . .

  3. Is it wrong that I’m just sick to death of expenses stories? Of all the things going on in the UK right now – the impending smash and grab raid on state services by old etonians, the rise of the the far right, the malicious confidence of a financiak sector which now knows that it can never be made to bear the cost of its mistakes, imminent climate chaos – I find the fact that a few establishment gits lined their pockets to be incredibly trivial.

    On the other hand, I do like ducks. More videos with ducks in please.

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