The boy who survived an accidental hot air balloon flight in 1964


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Haha. My thoughts exactly Kimrod.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To be fair, this new one wasn’t a hot air balloon, since it was filled with helium.

  3. Aloisius says:

    That picture is ridiculous. It looks like the entire balloon is tilted over. It must just be a trick of the angle because otherwise I can’t imagine how the balloon operator wouldn’t see him or at least notice something was very wrong.

    Still, what an awesome story to tell your kids. :)

  4. Cochituate says:

    We had an incident in the Twin Cities, I’m told, some years before I moved here. The Vikings were playing the old Met Stadium (where Maul of America is located now), and an eleven year old was hoisted above the field in a balloon held by his folks; he was part of a family that did hot air balloon events around the upper Midwest. The kid’s rope broke, and he flew to the southwest, high over Bloomington and the Minnesota River. He knew enough to pull the release vent when he disappeared in a cloud, but when he dropped back out, he was heading for the river. He landed on the ice, where he was photographed by a guy doing wildlife photos, before the guy finally dropped the camera and helped the kid off the ice. His folks caught up with him some time later.
    Link at here:

  5. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t work out so well for Seaman Apprentice Nigel M Henton.,9171,743758,00.html

  6. wfpman says:

    I liked it better when your site was set in the Georgia font…sigh.

  7. Kimrod says:

    “…Nowell says it hurt so much he was trying to reach his pocketknife, thinking he would cut the rope, even if it meant dropping from the sky.”

    OMG!!!! A kid with a pocketknife, alert the authorities, suspend him from school and send him to reform school for 90 days. Arrest his parents for child endangerment and abuse. Photos and update at 5!


  8. drkptt says:

    Here’s another one about a 4 year old in 1933.

  9. dmoisan says:

    Poor Tombo! (Miyazaki fans will get this.) Anyone who’s seen Kiki’s Delivery Service had to be thinking the same thing last week…

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