Uke-abilly Zombie Music


7 Responses to “Uke-abilly Zombie Music”

  1. Anonymous says:

    These guys sound awesome! Do you fancy some Zombie Rockabilly to go with your Zombie Uke-abilly?

  2. Ziggymondais says:

    Such a great band (and great people to boot), here’s a video from their last Halloween bash:

  3. Brainspore says:

    I discovered these guys by chance when they were playing at my favorite coffee house in Savannah, GA. They’re a hoot to see in person, glad to see the band is still going strong.

  4. cinemajay says:

    Finally we take back the tea party!

  5. Vishus says:

    That skeleton tattoo is awesome! Speaking of zombies, this youtube video made laugh…

  6. jfrancis says:

    ‘Zombie Boogie’ sounds like it’s going to segue into ‘Walk Don’t Run’

  7. Anonymous says:

    oh my Lord, these are my friends!!!! yippee

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