Vic Mizzy, composer of Addams Family theme song, has died

Vic Mizzy, the composer best known for writing The Addams Family theme song, died of heart failure on Saturday at the age of 93. Mizzy was a prolific musician who worked for eight decades writing music for radio, TV, and Broadway. To pay homage to the man whose music we have all enjoyed, here's the opening sequence of the original Addams Family TV show circa 1964. Note that he is also the one singing. Vic Mizzy, who wrote the theme for "Addams Family", dies at 93


  1. The NPR story about his passing noted that he recorded himself and then just layered the track over twice. The Vic Mizzy trio.

    John Astin is so delightful in those credits, like Raul Julia in the films he looks caught between hysterical laughter and pure sociopathy.

  2. Ah, for the days when folks knew how to pack a summary of a show into one minute of jingle…

    (I am somewhat embarrassed to admit how long it took me to connect the Addams Family with the cartoonist whose works inspired the show. The only excuse I can offer is that I encountered the show first.)

  3. Vic composed many, many great TV theme songs, but its his work on the Don Knotts classic, THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN, that has always been a favorite of mine. I’ve had that music stuck in my brain since seeing the movie at the local drive-in way back in the ’60s when I was a wee lad. Last year I got the soundtrack album on CD, signed by Vic… I play it (and the movie), a lot. For a lifetime of great music, I say “Atta boy, Luther!” and you’ll be missed.

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