Animated electronic zombie head that drinks the blood that oozes out of its eyesocket

Frank sez, "Looking for a Halloween decoration? Place this on your table and watch it pump blood from around an eye socket, flowing into the mouth, of the undead! This Zombie Head measures 7 inches tall and it runs on standard 120v power source with an indoor adaptor. No doubt an eye-popping for your guests with this gruesome Eyeball Fountain."

I can't believe they're trying to sell this without a video of the head in action! Also: does it make gurgling, sucking, choking noises as it drinks its own blood? It says, "uses tap water," but can you put in other stuff? Rum? Chocolate? Kaopectate? Blood? Also: could you fit it with a small digital clock and a lamp so you could keep it on the bedstand?

Spinning Eyeball Fountain

Better link: Spinning Eyeball Fountain

(Thanks, Frank!)

Update:video here -- Thanks, Fester88!


  1. My first thought was “Incredible! There is NOTHING better than this!”

    Then I saw the video and was bored and disappointed– I guess I was expecting the head to move and groan and contort his mouth as he drank his own blood. Remember in childhood how toys never really lived up to their potential? Some things never change.

    It’s still pretty cool, I guess.

  2. Awesome! I can’t wait to get one and set it on the doorstep for when the kids come trick-or-treating!

    Seeing a zombie drinking it’s own eye blood will no doubt give them a good scare… and it’s much better than them being subjected to Taiwanese lap dancers.

    /yes, that was sarcasm

  3. Fantastic. Reminds me of Halloween in California where everyone seems to take decoration to the extreme. Looks like they’re sold out everywhere — the power of Boing Boing.

  4. boy, that eyeball really gets truckin’!

    pretty fun decoration though, i dig it. great idea that gets me thinking about making my own.

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