Infographic of Mars missions

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Editorial illustrator and data visualizer Bryan Christie created this fantastic graphic of Mars missions. Higher res at imgur. (via Laughing Squid)


  1. Awesome! This is a beautiful depiction of all the possible information regarding Mars travel from Earth.
    A similar chart for Moon would be more crowded, but interesting nevertheless!

  2. The look of it kind of brings back the days when Mars was a vaguely-menacing unknown slowly crossing our skies, when we knew next to nothing about it and all we had to fill in the gap was our imagination. A boy, did we have some imagination.

    1. Are you saying that Mars is pregnant? I wonder what the gestation period will be! We’re gonna be daddies!

  3. @Verre

    Are you suggesting that sometimes a miscommunication between the male reproductive system and Lockheed Martin over measurements can cause failure to conceive?

  4. As cool as it would be to visit another planet in person, I think I’ll hold off on buying my ticket until the success-to-failure ratio improves a bit more.

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