Kingfishers: incredible underwater hunting photos

Marilyn sez, "Charlie Hamilton James took some incredible photos of flashy Eurasian kingfishers diving and swimming underwater to spear a fish in a stream. The kingfisher's got a translucent membrane that protects its eyes, and you can see its eye very clearly in this underwater photo as it captures its prey. From National Geographic magazine, November issue."

Blaze of Blue (Thanks, Marilyn!)


  1. I do so love a kingfisher. We’ve got some on our creek, stupendous things. Amazing he got such good pics, they are very shy and very fast.

    My fav pic is the one where the bird is about to hit the water. Amazing!

  2. I’ve been watching the Nature’s Most Amazing Events series and last night saw the episode where Gannets dive into the ocean to eat Sardines. They plunge at 60mph and go 30ft deep from that. But then, the amazing part, they swim even deeper. Down to 60ft, continuing to flap along horizontally with Dolphin, Sharks and Seals for a significant amount of time. It was amazing seeing birds “fly” underwater.

    Beats a shallow water Kingfisher dive, IMO.

  3. I’ve heard of kingfishers before, but these photos inspired me to Wiki them. Wow. What a beautiful bird (and I don’t generally like birds all that much.)

  4. Kingfishers were one of the highlights of birding in India and Nepal. And that’s quite a compliment in an area where peacocks are wildlife.

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