Whip-scorpion romance

Fatlimey sez, "On the Arachnopets board, people enjoy keeping nature's nightmares as pets. and you can read about the owners going all squishy about their pets and their little arachnobabies. This thread is a whip scorpion love story with mysterious dances, spermatophores and 'cute baby whipling' pictures."

Well, I have a pair of adult D. variegatus and this evening I put them together. The male touched many times the female body but she reject him. After that, I left them alone, more "private" and 2-3 hours late i found the male walking out of the cork and the female was behind a "drop", I think it was the structure where the sperm is guarded (I don´t know the english word, sorry)

Damon variegatus male and female sex! :-P (Thanks, Fatlimey!)


  1. Saw these in Costa Rica – SO cool! Place it on your hand, slowly turn your hand vertically and its little spider legs (it’s a spider, not a scorpion) keep it stuck to you.

  2. Actually, it’s neither spider nor scorpion. It’s an amblypygid, which is a different arachnid order altogether from spiders or scorpions. But to make matters more confusing, it’s technical misnomer of a proper name is usually ‘tailless whip scorpion’ so as not to confuse it with vinegarroons, which are sometimes called ‘whip scorpions’ despite being in yet another non-scorpion arachnid order.

    Having said that, I used to have one of these guys. They’re fascinating and completely harmless.

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