Dioramas "captured" from nature


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  1. gr8piper says:

    I’m a bit concerned with what gets killed when resin is poured onto the forest floor.

  2. takeshi says:

    @ Cruxx:

    Yeah, because you know, in the REAL world, artists and galleries should never say or do anything that we hadn’t already correctly assumed we could say or do better.

    I didn’t read the description until I saw it here. There were a couple of sheets of paper off to the side at the show, but for the most part the artwork itself commanded my attention. Others in the room were equally delighted.

  3. takeshi says:

    Ah, too bad! I was thinking I’d missed an opportunity to meet you. It was a terrific show. Very different from the kind of work I’m used to seeing at Denver galleries.

    Now that I know about the space, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for future openings. It’s only a few blocks away from where I live.

  4. PrestoVivace says:

    Wow, sorry I won’t be able to see the exhibit, it looks really cool.

  5. Cruxx says:

    Artist’s statements and show descriptions need some sort of revolution in style. They are so cringe-inducing and generic, I end up liking the work less than before I had read anything about it.

  6. takeshi says:

    I was at the opening last night. Lovely work. Were you there, too, David?

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