"Chap-Hop History" by Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer, played on a banjolele

Banjoleles are the coolest kind of ukulele, as evidenced in this magnificent video by Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer.

"Other rappers can't stand me, but give me respect. They do give respect really. I mean they do act tough, but generally speaking, they're awfully nice chaps."

(Thanks, Casey!)


  1. Anyone else get a strong echo of Sushi K from Snowcrash? First thing that jumped into my fevered cranium.$410

    1. I must say, Mr. B is a far better gentleman rhymer than Sushi K! For one thing, Mr. B has mad skills on both the mic and the banjolele while sushi K pirouettes on the stage dodging thrown bottles.

  2. Actually my first thought was he sounds an awful lot like Jim Broadbent as Harold Zidler.

    Mr. B has some clearly established musical skillfulness, what what?

  3. Rap has finally come back to the people who invented it — Gilbert& Sullivan. Modern Major General anybody?

  4. For what it’s worth mc chris says “All the sucker MCs can call me sire” in Fett’s Vette.

    But it may have been nabbed here from Run DMC

  5. In a weird twist of fate I accidentally got two videos of it running at once and by pure luck they synced up melody wise but were a line off – it reminded me of those old harmonies they had us sing in grade school – Row Row Row Your Boat and London’s Burning etc.

  6. yes, the cazals are a nice touch. pretty cool, though I was hoping to hear some BDP, Rakim, and Nas; time constraints, I suppose. Y’all ever heard of Jimmy Luxury?

  7. Sometimes, something difficult to pull off is perfectly executed, like this video. This just improved my morning in a huge way.

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