German arm wrestler Matthias Schlitte has a gigantic right arm

Pro-Arm-Wrestler Superpunch has several photos and videos of champion arm wrestler Matthias Schlitte. If you look closely, his right arm appears to be larger than his left arm.


  1. Indeed, after enlarging the picture several times and subjecting it to intense scrutiny, I did notice that the right arm does appear to be somewhat larger.

  2. If you watch the video, his right thumb, index, and middle fingers are a lot bigger than the other two. His right bicep isn’t much bigger than his left! Creepy.

  3. It looks like something is wrong with his arm. It seems very solid, doesn’t have ropey muscles. It is very strange indeed.

  4. Not even slightly surprising. If you ever saw Bjorn Borg back in the day, his tennis arm was 2 – 3 times as big as his other.

    I used to play Ultimate Frisbee competitively and my right arm was noticeably bigger then my left. Also, checkout the arms on most quarterbacks, or baseball pitchers…

  5. Water nearly sprayed from mouth onto keyboard. Well met, Mark!

    After nearly five years of reading BB, I should know better than consume beverages while viewing.

  6. I’m sure his right arm is larger, but it isn’t grossly large as the photo implies. It’s just perspective. His left hand appears to still be the same size as his right hand. His left elbow is much further away from the camera lens then his right elbow.

  7. Well, looking at the photos and the video, and the way his right arm, right hand and right middle finger are bigger, I’d say they look swollen due to injury rather than muscled. Looks kind of nasty and unhealthy–but I’m just basing that of my impression.

  8. This is weird. I guess that as an arm wrestler, having one ENORMOUS arm and the rest of one’s body be tiny would be advantageous with respect to getting into a lower weight class. I mean the guy with an arm that is as big as a heavy weight wrestling in a much lighter weight class would seem to favor him. On the other hand, the video makes it pretty clear that it’s not just about having a huge arm, looks like a pretty full-body sport.

    I wonder how he got it that way in the first place. He’s got to have tons of shoulder and back problems from having such an unbalanced physique.

  9. The articles on him usually leave out the cause — it’s not (just) because he has focused his workout on his one arm, it’s because he has a bloodflow disorder that has stunted half of his body. This is one of the few sports where a “disability” actually results in an advantage.

  10. I think it shameful that BoingBoing would stoop to this sort of pandering – think of the unrealistic body image issues that images like these inflict on men. Boo. (looks in disgust at own arm)

  11. From the German commentary in the YouTube/Eurosport video at the Superpunch page:

    1. His right forearm is much larger than his left forearm due to genetic causes (“genetisch bedingt“).
    2. During the competition shown in that video, Schlitte was still suffering from what I take to be a carpal tunnel injury (Sehnenscheide-Verletzung), maybe Tenosynovitis (IANAD).

    Also (my observation): That’s one hell of a middle finger on that right hand of his.

  12. Since there are weight classes in arm wrestling, it would make sense to not waste weight on being symmetric. Symmetry is for the beach. :-)

  13. Matthias was actually born with a rare gene disorder that made one arm much bigger. That’s not perspective or trick photography. His father encouraged him to work it out and arm wrestle, and now he’s a serious competitor.

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