Zombie/Scooby Doo mashup illo

I like Dr. Monster's Scooby Doo/zombie flick remix here -- nicely in keeping with the crazy zombapocalypse dreams I had all last night (no doubt inspired by Zombieland, which we saw yesterday, and which was excellent).

'we've got some work to do now' alt. version


        1. “The obvious?” You mean that there’s an objective reality in which matters of taste are factually correct and incorrect, and you have access to this realm? And that you are retrieving this fact for the benefit of the rest of us, who are factually incorrect in enjoying these things that you dislike, so that we can be corrected and discover what we *should* enjoy?

          And that’s not “entitled?”

          How about “whining” and “killjoy”?

          I’d hate to see what you’re like when you’re intending offense.

  1. The wooden stakes and the cross on Velma’s neck suggest vampires. Possibly Steampunk ones, of course…

  2. Threadless submission is here. Voting is closed, but showing some internet love got the the 3 Keyboard Cat Moon shirt printed in a hurry.

    Travis Pitts is my favorite threadless artiste. I’m still trying to finagle a print of his Rockabilly Joker/Harley-Quinn out of him.

  3. Weird timing. My next two social camps are zombie themed and The Mystery Machine themed. I wonder if there is a way to combine the costumes so I just have to make one.

  4. Wow, Velma is smokin’. What is it about a girl with a shotgun that makes me go all aquiver? Bit worried about those scratches though, I suppose one can hope that she’s immune.

  5. umm, I can see they are after vampires as well as zombies, but whats with the friggin ENORMOUS stake on top of the “misery machine”? Giant vampires? Whoa, dude…..

  6. hey thanks for boinging me!
    as for scooby and steampunk being stale, good thing those are just 2 of the hundreds of things i do. why don’t you invite us into your flickr portfolio so we can see the groundbreaking, next gen concepts you are birthing, broken fingers?

  7. @danlalan I think that might be a reference to the original Lost Boys movie where the Grandpa at the end drives through a wall and drives an enormous stake through the heart of the head vampire, thereby saving all the infected from a life of vampirism.

    I’m at least hoping that’s what the giant stake is for.

    1. Ah, thanks thechicgeek, I am humbled before your insightful command of retro-recursive monster lore…

  8. This is fabulous, but has been done before.

    I remember an awesome strip in a British comic in the late 80s (2000 AD? Crisis?) which had the Mystery Machine in a vampire-infested post-apocalyptic Russia. Fred was a cigar-chewing cynic, I think Velma had an exe-patch… I think it ran for one or two episodes only, and the names were probably changed for copyright reasons. Was it part of the Zenith universe? Hmmm…

    Anyone remember more?


    1. adamstjohn, it’s Red Razors you’re thinking about, the original run from the Judge Dredd “Megazine”. It was drawn by Steve Yeowell so that would explain your thinking it part of the Zenith universe.

  9. I love it, and think Broken_Fingers is just being your run of the mill whiny free ice cream complainer.

  10. This is brilliant. I love the stenciled MISERY and the gear on top. The only possible thing I might have done differently is to have the RIP marking add each letter one at a time. Like the original painting was “RIP S”, then have “+F” added beside it, with “+D” scrawled in below, just to increase the sense of a progressing backstory.

    I hope that’s not rude, to make a comment on a finished work…

  11. ah yes – the Lost Boys tree trunk stake slam remains one of the more spectacular ways to dispatch a vampire, ‘fact I think Velma invented it…

  12. I woulda boinged it sooner but it was marked “all rights reserved” on Flickr and I didn’t want to get a legal threat for blogging it!

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