Iggy Pop on the Dinah Shore show, 1977

If only the video and audio quality in this clip were better! Iggy Pop at the first peak of his greatness (I think he's still pretty great), talking about how the technology and industrial ambience of his hometown Detroit influenced the "raw power" that became his trademark sound.

He reveals to Dinah Shore that his mom worked at a military technology company that made bombs and missiles, and his dad ("Mister Pop") taught media communications at a local high school. At the time, brothers Tony and Hunt Sales, sons of the recently departed comedian Soupy Sales, were playing in the Stooges in Iggy's band. Iggy Pop on the Dinah Shore show.

The clip stops right as Iggy gets ready to launch into a performance, but I believe this is the stupendous performance that followed, with some guy named David Bowie on the keyboards! Looks like this was another performance from the same show.

[YouTube, thanks @EuclidAlone, via @bbsuggest]

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