The Maskatorium collection of masks

Sriamammaa Tinmasss
Over at Dangerous Minds, my pal Tara McGinley uncovered the insane allure of The Maskatorium, one person's incredible collection of weird masks from around the world. You can view EYE-talian's collection on Flickr. Here's what EYE-talian says about where it started:
"I've been collecting masks since 1989 when I first purchased a mask in Cancun, Mexico. I was intrigued by the weird hallucinogenic Mexican masks because they looked similar to the oddball sketches I was doing at the time.

On subsequent visits I purchased additional masks, usually buying the most unusual masks I could find and/or what my budget and baggage limits would allow. In the meantime, I stumbled upon some very cool German paper mache, and starched buckram Halloween masks at antique shows around Cincinnati and picked those up as well. I never had any intention of amassing a formal "collection" but one thing lead to another and then.... Holy Shit... Ebay!
The Maskatorium


  1. Mask collecting is a strange hobby that you seem to fall into rather than develop from any other passtime you may have. i started also back in the early 80’s when i went to Nepal and found a mask made from the top of a human skull. it had been embellished with silver and i liked it. i didn’t realise it WAS a human skull till i got it home and looked at it and i could see the little jigsaw marks where it all held together. anyway it went on from there and now i have around 40 from all parts of the world.

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