Podcast about the Mad Gasser and mass hysteria

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We've posted before about the Mad Gasser of Mattoon: In 1944, the small town of Mattoon, Illinois was terrorized by a creepy black-clad prowler who sprayed anesthetic gas in his victims' faces. Or maybe it was all a case of mass hysteria based mostly on myth. The new episode of the excellent Memory Palace podcast features the delightfully weird tale of the Mad Gasser. The Memory Palace: "A Gas Gas Gas"


  1. I thought the golden-age Sandman was a super-cool super hero.

    On a related tech question: The Memory Palace has an RSS feed, but for some reason I’m not given the option to subscribe with Google Reader.

  2. I remember hearing about this from my grandfather. I guess the wicked exploits of the Mad Gasser of Matton were only matched in his day by the Feared Farter of Fayatteville.

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