Web Zen: goth zombie monster a-go-go zen

9 levels of hell for the living
polka haunt us
goths in hot weather
zombie boogie
zombie wedding cake topper
ghoul a-go-go
dead man's party
movie villain pumpkins
mummy sausage wraps
halloween jell-o
bloody brain shooter
a hierarchy of monsters

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  1. I was just at the Zombie Film Festival and saw Zzzzombies on the big screen, great fun. It got a lot of good laughs from the crowd. Interesting and unique animation style, very cool indeed.

    FYI the winner on the Zombie Film Festival was a movie called Deadspiel http://www.deadspiel.com/main/ Unfortunately the trailer on the site doesn’t do it justice. Check the wholefilm out if you get a chance. Hilarious.

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