Shareable: stories of sharing and cooperation


4 Responses to “Shareable: stories of sharing and cooperation”

  1. LeFunk says:

    but sharing a veneral disease sounds more involved than outright giving one (and moving on).

  2. DuhBe says:

    Thanks for sharing that link to Shareable.

    Here’s a thought: when you’re in Kindergarten they force you to share and call it a good thing. When you’re a grown up and want to share, they call it a bad thing like socialism or communism.

    • SKR says:

      IMO, the kindergarten version of sharing is much more akin to communism than the latter. Being forced to share is not sharing. I’ve always thought voluntary sharing was a good thing, the problem comes when there is coercion. That is when ‘sharing’ becomes bad and deserves labels like communism or socialism.

      • DuhBe says:

        good point SKR. voluntary sharing = good. Forced sharing = bad.

        I guess I never thought too much about it since I share voluntarily – I never considered the side of it being forced upon me as an adult. (I didn’t like it much when I was 5, I remember that much)

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