BB Video: "Man in the Sand," by Gordon "Violent Femmes" Gano

By Xeni Jardin

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Boing Boing Video proudly presents "Man in the Sand," from Gordon Gano and the Ryans' new record "Under the Sun." Video directed by famed illustrator, photographer, and filmmaker Matt Mahurin. Read Cory's review of the album: Gordon "Violent Femmes" Gano's solo album "Under the Sun" is out!

Published 8:49 am Mon, Nov 2, 2009

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9 Responses to “BB Video: "Man in the Sand," by Gordon "Violent Femmes" Gano”

  1. jfrancis says:

    I didn’t even know Matt Mahurin was directing. And REM’s ‘Orange Crush,’ all the way back in ’89.

  2. slida says:

    I enjoyed this tune. :)

  3. Felix Mitchell says:

    Not enough man in sand in this man in sand video.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What a smiley song.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Liked the song…but did she smush The Man in the Sand in her hand?

    • YoungWilliam says:

      I think so!

      I mean, when she walks off, her hands are empty and there was no continuity-shot of her dumping the manned-sand into her pocket or suchlike.

  6. treeflower says:

    can anyone help me get in touch with the violent femmes? i wrote a musical based on some of their music… i want to put it on at my school (uc berkeley) next fall.

    its terribly wonderful, about three loser kids in community college and a girl they are all in love with.
    email me at if anyone can help

    • squid flavored mouthwash says:

      check your email treeflower, I might be able to help, the femmes are my friends from way back in the day when we all used to live in Milwaukee….

  7. Fred H says:

    Her work is done. The beach spirit is happy.