Seventh Son: Descent Part III

Welcome to the third serialized installment of J.C. Hutchins' SF thriller 7th Son: Descent (part 1, 2), a novel set in present day featuring human cloning, dangerous technologies, and "beyond Top Secret" government conspiracies .

THE STORY SO FAR: Two weeks after the bizarre murder of the U.S. president, seven strangers were torn from their "normal" lives and brought to a secret government science facility. Despite minor differences in appearance, it was clear they were the same man, with identical childhood memories.

These seven "John Michael Smiths" were unwitting participants in a human cloning experiment. Each man -- carpenter John, demented hacker Kilroy2.0, marine Michael and the others -- were brought here because their creators identified the man behind the president's assassination. It's the man they were cloned from -- the man whose childhood memories they all share -- a ruthless psychopath code-named "John Alpha."

Part 3-1, Part 3-2


  1. Cory, you are AWESOME for breaking this up into smaller posts. Thank you so much. :)

    My google reader thanks you too.

  2. A pretty interesting read thus far. Thanks to Hutchins and Boing for making this available.

    One minor critique: Marines do not salute indoors.

  3. Don’t know if the typo is present in the version going to print, but this: “Reality TV, each your heart out.” shouldn’t be “each”.

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