Video: Robert Crumb talks about his illustrated Genesis

Elizabeth says: "Robert Crumb hasn't been doing any TV interviews, and is only doing one radio interview, but we did tape his B&N event in New York last week.  It's pretty much the only visual record of what he thinks of Genesis, and is a great look into his creative process.
The video of Robert Crumb's dialogue with Francoise Mouly at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square filmed on 10/23 is now available on The 47-minute video features Crumb discussing his childhood, early life, married/family life, and his new book THE BOOK OF GENESIS ILLUSTRATED.

R. Crumb in Conversation with Francoise Mouly


  1. I watched the entire interview. I really like Mr. Crumb. I fully expected to use this space to apologize to my fellow commenters for my earlier rash assessment of Crumb. I thought his intent in illustrating the Bible was to belittle and demean the book and its adherents.

  2. This is genuinely painful to sit through thanks to the interviewer. But there are some good little nuggets from Crumb. The audience questions definitely are the best part. I would love to see a proper interview done with this interesting and amazingly talented guy.

  3. Heard him on NPR’s Talk of the Nation today. It was a lot of fun. Someone commented on how someone might think based on his previous work that he might not take the project seriously (more or less, I don’t remember her exact wording). I love his simple reply:

    “Have you even read it?”

    I haven’t watched the documentary “Crumb” for a while, but he seemed saner now than I remember him to be.

  4. Beauty! Saw Crumb in Richmond last week, and he was a revelation. Comparing his stage presence with that of years past, as well as thinking about it in light of his decades of groundbreaking work, made it one of the best literary or cultural events I’ve ever attended. Mouly was an excellent discussion facilitator/partner for Crumb, going well beyond easy or worn topics and drawing him out on topics from life in France to his relationship with other artists to the experience of writing Genesis.

  5. The part about the old man at the employment office calling up the greeting card company was amazing. How many way talented people got their first break this way. I don’t think enough of this is going on today.

  6. I love the fact that the interview keeps trying to assign artistic choices to Crumb that he had no intention of.

  7. Great talk! Robert Crumb’s art(and himself) really has been growing on me for the past 2-3 years. The ‘interviewer’- a comic artist herself and Art Spiegelman’s wife- wasn’t annoying to me.

  8. And I thought the moderator did a GREAT job of presenting a more nuanced version of Crumb than the Mister Basket-Case or Wizeguy he otherwise presents. I thought she was REALLY well prepared and put out some hard-to-ask questions

  9. These comments are beyond belief. Ms. Mouly is exemplary and unobtrusive, asking knowledgable questions (possibly because she is the ART DIRECTOR OF THE “NEW YORKER”!!!), and Mr. Crumb may seem more “sane” because he is discussing one of his most ambitious projects. He has always revered artists like Bruegel, and his tone is naturally different than it is when he is discussing the shallow state of American culture. I fear that I detect a faint spoor of people who avoid French fries and French toast and expect anyone who passed through the Sixties to sound like a brain damaged buffoon.

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