iPhone-operated car

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The Spirit of Berlin is an iPhone-operated Dodge minivan. Researchers from the Freie Universität Berlin's Artificial Intelligence Group hacked the van to be semi-autonomous for DARPA's 2007 Urban Grand Challenge. Now Appirion UG, a mobile app development firm spun out of the AI Group, built an iPhone app to remote control the van. No idea why it's a Dodge and not, say, a Mercedes. You can see a slideshow of the project over at Life. Or watch a video after the jump!


  1. James Bond had one of those things years before Dr. Horrible. Also, the cell phone doubled as a taser.

  2. I guess it’s not a Mercedes, because they’re awfully expensive. Dodges come rather affordable in comparison.

  3. Although Dodge minivans aren’t the greatest lookers out there, I must say that the Dodge Ram Van and its Mercedes/Dodge successor, the Sprinter, are the most awesome vans out there, if you are moving things, or on tour with your band..

    I guess for me the question is – why did they use a van at all, and not some other sort of car? Potential commercial use?

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  5. How long do you think it took them to make that? These guys did the same thing in 4 weeks but with a really crappy car and mostly off the shelf parts.

    Their other video gives instructions on how to build your own. Won’t be long until kids are rolling into their science fair with a remote controlled car. Wonder if they need a license to iphone control a car.

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