Richard Metzger heads up LA Times' Brand X blog


Our dear friend and guest blogger alum Richard Metzger (show here with his wife Tara in a photo that Coop took) is now in charge of the This Is Brand X blog. Brand X is the Los Angeles Times' entrant into the "alt weekly" market, edited by Deborah Vankin. There are over 100,000 copies in distribution boxes around town.

Richard is the most knowledgeable and most interesting cultural critic I know. The LA Times scored a major coup when they signed him on.

From the press release:

Richard comes to Brand X with a decorated background, most notably as one of the New York Post's "top 20 most important new media executives" and having also been named one of the "top 100 people on the Internet" (twice!) by Silicon Alley Reporter. He's a Webby-award winner and was recently given the "New Business Award" by the Tribeca Film Festival for co-founding The Disinformation Company Ltd., a New York-based book publisher and DVD distributor, where he served as the company's creative director for 11 years.

This is Brand X


  1. Even though I defriended you on facebook over the 2012 soothsayers are suckers post a while back, I’m excited to see you take up at Brand X. I noticed the site a couple of months ago, and really liked it. What a neat turn to see you take the helm there. :)

  2. I like “Disinformation.” If it was “odd and inside” I can’t imagine what something really bizarre would do. To the person who “defriended” R.M. over a “2012 soothsayers are suckers” post…holy fucking shit. As for Mr. Meltzer, even though he appears to be morphing into Salman Rushdie (probly just the photo), he has earth’s finest left eyebrow. I don’t suppose it will be apparent on Brand X, but you can’t have everything. Gonna hafta google Hank Moody. Best of luck though that’s not very occult.

  3. Brilliant choice! One foot in the world, one foot beyond the world and one foot in between – no one could do it better.

  4. Adding to my post above, Richard has always defied explanation and that’s what makes him so good.

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