Two guys who travel the US making free and awesome commercials for small businesses

I love this commercial for a mobile home liquidator produced by I Love Local Commercials, a couple of guys who travel around the country making free commercials for independent businesses.


  1. Those arent just two guys… That’s Rhett and Link! A couple of awesome interneticated music superstars. I highly recommend you check out their drive-thru folk song, the Sham Wow song, and the Facebook song.

    They did an excellent interview on Leo Laporte’s Net@Nite a while back on being internet famous musicians.

  2. Considering how much of the average American’s lives are full of time spent watching crappy commercials, doing something fun like this is actually a worthwhile art project. In the video above, at the end while they were walking towards the camera in slow motion, how many people expected the mobile home to blow up and none of the characters look back or break stride?

  3. That was really great !

    Well, except for the ending. Moving in slow-mo ? Runinng towards the camera ?? Those are waaaay too tired.

    But I nitpick. This is a very cool and helpful project.

  4. That was the dope. I’m really impressed with how the filmmakers communicated a funny but honest message that didn’t make fun of the people in the video, but clearly let the people in the video have fun. Really good stuff, and if I were in the market for a doublewide, I would totally buy it from Cullman, if for no other reason than the owner is cool like Jesse James and saleswoman is hot like Lindsay Lohan’s healthier, prettier older sister.

  5. Best spot I’ve seen in a while. “My wife’s boyfriend broke my jaw with a fence post” ought to copy test pretty well.

  6. Like a steak drizzled in awesome sauce! I especially like the sounds of Stephen Jr. cawing in the background.

  7. I like it but there’s one problem, it runs 1:15. Generally local spots run as :30s or :60s you don’t see many :75s.

  8. Not to rain on the fun, but why? Why drive around the country making free commercials? And how are these guys affording to do that?

  9. Wow, their own video (click on “I Love Local Commercials” above) is a fine example of filmmaking masturbation…

  10. @ethancoop, these commercials are not intended to be broadcast in a traditional manner, like all those real local commercials. In reality this is a well conceived social media inspired internet advertisement for the ‘sponsor’, Microbilt.

    Two fairly well known internet personalities with media skills were picked to act in, and possibly even execute the media stunt. Although I’ve enjoyed their music videos, this has a more professional new car smell. My guess is the execution is done by a social media agency on behalf of Microbilt.

    More than likely, the only other local commercial that will be executed apart from the six that were featured on the microsite is the one contest winner.

    I may be intrigued by the possibilities of profiting from netizenship that these two have managed (with accredited talent no less- kudos to the duo), however I feel somewhat jaded, perhaps abused, when I discover that the spontaneous dancing video link someone shared with me is in reality an elaborate product placement in the guise of a social event.

  11. Thats just awesome! I still dont understand why there arent more commercials like that on tv.

    How long till someone has a website of nothing but small business commercial videos?

  12. I’m not sure if it’s a good commercial, in that I’m not sure I’d buy a mobile home from that motley crew.

    I wonder if that hot salesgirl is his daughter…

  13. @jonathon levy The two fellas who made this are the real deal. Watch “the making of” this vid and you’ll see how it this took shape.

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rhett and Link, and I can assure you that they aren’t only talented, but are also two of the nicest guys you are ever going to meet.

  14. The is advertising, fair enough – but to the people with complaints, I’d say turn on your TV and look at the crap ads on it. This ad is good – I don’t love ads either, but I’d rather be watching this than the brain poison I’m being offered on TV right now.

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