Goldwag: Hoaxes, celebrity, and death on the Net


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  1. Jasperdude says:

    Wow. That is brainfood, sir. Sorry about the quick reply earlier. It came in as I was out the door. On your advice and this piece I am spun.Yes Men. Talking heads like so many pundits, charged with the ethereal halo that is charisma? Perhaps there is a deeper need for them. It is hard, for example, to list 25 senators in a draft committee as a mastermind of a “plan”. It is easier to say, “Figurehead’s group. It is figureheads fault.” What is harder is the internal. Our own yes man. The one that may not strive for self-identity, but the one that may seek solace in knowing what the herds’ given identity for the individual. “I think of myself as A, but am I A?” Hoaxing perhaps, even begining or continuing a conspiracy may perhaps allow a person to “pretend” to be B for a while. May enjoy it. Live the dream, but either by choice or failing must return to A. To some maybe who they are today is ALWAYS more important than acknowledging who they were yesterday. Thank you for the tidbit and, no, I am not suprised you have less comments.

  2. dculberson says:

    Awesome and interesting post, thanks Arthur.

  3. cymk says:

    This reminds me of the Orson Welles War of the World radio broadcast in the 1930s. For those that don’t know it was a radio broadcast of H. G. Wells, War of The Worlds, that many people mistook for an actual news broadcast of an Martian invasion.

    I think that some of us would like to believe in those hoaxes or possibly want to believe in them. Suspending ones belief, and letting the impossible become reality, if only for a moment.

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