Prelinger's Lost Landscapes of San Francisco archival film night, Dec 4


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  1. capl says:

    I love finding old photos and films like this. We recently found 1906/7 true color photographs from Europe (i.e, not hand painted or tinted). We are still trying to determine copyright so we can add them to the CAPL photo database. Here they are in a GIS map as a preview.
    Send a message if you can help with Copyright info.

  2. Stefan Jones says:

    I stumbled on some un-restored streetcar footage on Prelinger’s site years ago.

    Surreal is the wrong word . . . but definitely dream-like.

    There’s some post-quake footage too, showing an utterly trashed city that was nonetheless still hopping, with businesses popping up amidst the road-side rubble heaps.

  3. octopod says:

    awesome, simply love SF, it’s a wonderful town.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is fantastic! Sometimes I wish I lived on the left coast. I’ve found the previous installment of the series. Does anyone know where the first two installments can be found?

  5. footage says:

    The first two installments didn’t make it online. Long Now uploaded the third. It’s a live event, and the audience-supplied questions, comments and shoutouts are what make it really sing, so I haven’t been that eager about putting out a cooled-out version online. — Rick

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