Stealthy anti-whaling powerboat

That is not Batman's boat but rather Earthrace, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society's ultraslick bio-diesel-powered anti-whaling speedboat. It's 80-feet long and very stealthy. Next month, it will head out to the seas around Japan to, er, protest the country's whaling industry. Life magazine has photos of Earthrace currently docked in Auckland, New Zealand. (Click image to see full photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images.) "Superbad Anti-Whaling Stealth Boat"


  1. In honor of Carl Sagan: Whales used to communicate over 15,000 km for hundreds of millions of years. Now they can’t talk 200m apart due to white noise of our propellers. IT would be like someone cutting off telephone lines and postal service to all humans in the world. No internet, no telephony, no contact outside of direct to direct interaction. It’s great and all that people care enough about the whales to go to this length, but its futile and naieve. Our great advances, cheap goods, stealth anti-whaling boats, etc, come at the expense of all life on this planet. Everything has a trade off… Conservationists fail to bring this together. Instead they lock on to their own feel good issues that ultimately do not impact man’s threat to the planet. I certainly don’t have the answers, but I do consume about 10 times less “stuff” (energy/goods) than most people while retaining a quality of life than better than most people in the developed world. The answer is in there somewhere.

  2. They should have saved the money spent on this boat and instead hired some pros for their current boat, spent some money on training their volunteers properly, and upgraded the hull and speed (if possible) of the Steve Irwin. Some one is going to killed on that ship someday and I bet it will be because of inexperience and negligence.

    1. I thought for a while that the Sea Sheperd organization is actually doing good, that was mostly based on seeing “Shark Water”.

      After watching the first two seasons of “Whale Wars” though my opinion has completely changed. Yes, one day someone on that ship will get killed and that’s pretty much what Paul Watson is hoping for.

      I did take a look at the Earthrace when it was in Vancouver three years ago and got some interesting shots, sad to see that someone actually handed it over to Watson :(

  3. Yay! They can get there at the nick of time and… chant? Make obscene hand gestures? Re-enact that scene from fight club?

  4. So, this is how efficient and safe their current effort is for their own crewlink. I shudder to think of how poorly work with their new boat will go. For some excellent commentary and discussion about the ethics and ineffectiveness of the group (and how their methods do not serve their stated goals or even work against them) see here and here from the ever excellent Deep Sea News.

  5. David Mackay, in “Without the Hot Air” calulated that this stupid boat was by far the least efficient form of transport that we had yet dreamed up. Around 800 Kwh/100-person-km compared to about 5 for a person on a bike, 80 for a car, and 120 for an Ocean Liner. It is less than half as efficient as a Jet Ski! FFS!

    It is ludicrous eco-theatre and it does no-one or anything amy good whatsoever.

  6. Oh man, why do the hippies have to graffiti the interior? Or is it just my capitalist pig view of worship of material possessions?

  7. Yes the boat looks like a cool toy, and yes anti-whaling is a good cause, but Sea Shepherd can feck right off. What they do is terrorism, and pretending that it isn’t because you agree with their cause is pathetic.

  8. Wow. How can people NOT think this group is both totally corrupt as well as a total joke? Did they buy the Hydro Thunder boat with donations? How much carbon does that thing use?

    Remember that the Sea Shepherd bunch was founded by Greenpeace reject and is basically made up of people who responsible environmentalists thought were too scary to be around. Weird bunch — as the WayneTech Hydro Thunder boat shows, they’re not actually environmentalists, just anti-whaling.

    They’ll feel like such idiots when the whales finally reveal their secret plot to enslave humanity. YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE!

  9. The BB comments ring true. They throw the work Biodiesel out, people are dumb and assume it’s made of cotton candy and unicorns. It’s still fuel and it still pollutes. And you can be sure it burns A LOT of fuel.

    From watching the bumbling on the show…. I wouldn’t be surprised if they accidentally ran OVER a poor whale and brained it in that thing. Or flip it over doing some fool stunt and the whole crew drowns.

  10. Terrorism is a meaningless word. It’s been beaten to death over the last 8 years and now serves essentially the same function as the word evil (when used as a noun).

    I personally see the sea shepherds as incompetent more than anything. If they were good at what they were doing, it’d be a different story. Specifically, when you’re in their position with the Farley Mowat or Steve Irwin, it makes perfect sense to force the whalers to ram you or generally get in their way. When you have a beautiful, shiny new ship like this that can go several times faster than the whalers, a new strategy is in order. Instead, the idiot new captain plans to stick with the ‘make them hit us’ strategy. They should be running circles around the whalers, dropping rope to foul their propeller and generally being a nuisance.

  11. They may be untrained, ineffective vigilantes who enjoy violating international law, but at least now they’ll look totally badass doing it.

  12. Sigh. Ok, sit back in your armchairs for a minute and let me tell you why many of you posting are just vanilla wrong.
    The Earthrace is powered by Cummins 540 QSC common rail injected engines. They are some of the most effcient diesels available off the shelf and were donated by Cummins. So there. You could conceivably sail around the world on one tank of fuel. As a marine engineer I know this.
    Sea shepherd has been around for thirtyish years and in all its time, not one person has been injured (seriously… cuts and bruises by those willing to take reaponsibility) or killed. Ask the French what they did to Greenpeace. For the entire time before the recent tv thing, they would sink boats (nine whaling boats and one driftnetter, all operating illegally) and take responsibility. Would the offnded parties go to the police, Interpol, the embassy and solicate action? No. You know why? Because they were doing something illegal. Does the heroin dealer go to the cops after being robbed?
    Most of you who condemn actions like this have and never will take a stand for anything. And like most who abstain, choose to critisize those who make you aware of your ineffectiveness. Despite the stupid theatrics and created drama, there are very real things and issues that you would never know about because it wasn’t on tv. Now that it is, you see people standing up and you are afraid.
    Ghandi said once, better to act violently rather than stand aside while evil acts happened for it is unmanly. Something like that. I will check later and maybe answer some of the llikely detractors.

    1. The Earthrace is powered by Cummins 540 QSC common rail injected engines. They are some of the most effcient diesels available off the shelf and were donated by Cummins. So there. You could conceivably sail around the world on one tank of fuel. As a marine engineer I know this.

      Are these the engines that you are talking about? They seem to match the model numbers used on the Earthrace site.

      If they are, I’m not sure where you’re getting your numbers. The maximum range you can get out of these is 2,059 nautical miles, going 6.1 knots.

      When Earthrace raced around the world they were going an average of 20 knots. CleanTech magazine says:

      At a speed of
      25 knots, the boat’s range is some 2,000 nm
      (3,700 km) on a single tank of biodiesel. Fuel
      capacity is 12,000 litres (3,000 gallons).

      So that’s around 10 refuels, maybe (I’m not sure about the 5 knot difference), and about 30,000 gallons of biodiesel.

      So that’s approx. 324.32 litres per 100 km, or 0.73 miles per US gallon. It’s speculation, but I’m betting those numbers come from flat water testing, since that’s the best way to control for the environment.

      So that’s the fuel used. Like they say, the emissions were minimized. Whether Sea Shepherd maintains the same emission control, I don’t know. They will probably not be able to maintain the fuel efficiency if they are loading the boat with more gear than the world record breakers did, which is extremely likely.

      As for noise pollution, the decibels put out by the engines go from 60-86 dBa above the waterline. I don’t know what it would be underwater.

      So, without making a judgments about whaling, activism, etc., there’s a more realistic portrayal of the boat’s environmental impact. It’s probably flawed in many ways, but it’s more accurate than saying it can go around the world on one tank.

    2. Nice post Plausible, thank you.

      What century is this? The oceans are fished out, the ecosystem is crashing and the response of the collective brain trust is continued eradication of an endangered species and integral link in biodiversity.

      So, what is the proper response to this kind of madness?

      I think we should look to the teachings of Harold Ramis and Doug Kenny:

      D-Day: War’s over, man. Wormer dropped the big one.
      Bluto: Over? Did you say “over”? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!
      Otter: Germans?
      Boon: Forget it, he’s rolling.
      Bluto: And it ain’t over now. ‘Cause when the goin’ gets tough…
      [thinks hard]
      Bluto: the tough get goin’! Who’s with me? Let’s go!
      [runs out, alone; then returns]
      Bluto: What the fuck happened to the Delta I used to know? Where’s the spirit? Where’s the guts, huh? This could be the greatest night of our lives, but you’re gonna let it be the worst. “Ooh, we’re afraid to go with you Bluto, we might get in trouble.” Well just kiss my ass from now on! Not me! I’m not gonna take this. Wormer, he’s a dead man! Marmalard, dead! Niedermeyer…
      Otter: Dead! Bluto’s right. Psychotic, but absolutely right. We gotta take these bastards. Now we could do it with conventional weapons that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody’s part.
      Bluto: We’re just the guys to do it.
      D-Day: Let’s do it.
      Bluto: *Let’s do it*!
      Flounder: May I have ten thousand marbles, please?

  13. “Stealth”? Doubt it. Circle the world using one fill of diesel? Doubt it. Looks like someone’s expensive toy- Auckland’s harbor holds more than a few of those.

  14. So what do they DO with this boat to stop the big whaling ships? Play chicken on the high seas? At least with the basic rubber zodiac boats they were able to chuck stink bombs at the whaling ships. Seems it will be hard to throw stuff or wield a megaphone with the enclosed cockpit on the new batmobile boat.

    Sure looks cool though.

  15. I’m all for responsible, sustainable fishing, but the efforts of the Sea Shepherd are counterproductive to those ends.

    And now they have a new toy so they can come ram boats and endanger human lives again – and of course they will only be attacking Japanese vessels since nobody here is going to retort.

    Meanwhile, the Sea Shepard crew will blissfully ignore the whaling practices of Canada, Norway, and the US since the military in those respective countries will likely hand them their sea-asses again.

    … which of course still works for them since they will no doubt play themselves up as victims and martyrs when it’s the Canadian coast guard… but as heroes when they ram into a Japanese vessel.

    If you’re waving a black pirate flag and ramming other ships on the open seas and endangering human lives don’t expect much sympathy for your cause.

  16. It probably doesn’t do this, but it would be cool if it sounded a song in the water that would warn the whales. Heck, would be cheaper to get some frogmen to just attach magnetic speakers to the underside of whalers.

  17. I live in Japan, and I’ve talked to a lot of people about whaling, and let me tell you, most Japanese don’t give a damn about whaling UNTIL they hear how these skidmarks are endangering the crews. The videos of the pirate ship ramming the whalers are all over the place here. After seeing this, they support the whalers regardless of whether they eat whale or not (which most don’t because it tastes fatty and odd to modern palates).

    These idiots are making it a pride issue, which is going to keep the whaling going much longer than it would otherwise. It’s not economically feasible and will end in a few years if they would just shut up and not make it such a “world against Japan” issue.

    I hope the Japanese run over this little superhero-wannabe BatBoat and sink it. Which they might do purely by accident if it’s low and fast and zipping under their bows. No sympathy at all.

  18. Plausible @ #20, even though I don’t agree with the actions per se of the Sea Shepherd I agree absolutely with your analysis. Armchair critics be damned.

    Can I have your baby?

  19. Wow, seems a lot of people don’t like the Sea Shepherd folk at all. Well, even if you don’t approve of their tactics, I think it’s hard to argue with the fact that they have been highly successful in reducing the catch in the last few years.

    It’s much easier to criticise people who actually do something, than those who never do anything.

    it will head out to the seas around Japan

    That’s not really true. They mainly work in the Southern Ocean, which is nowhere near Japan.

  20. Is that real stealth?

    Maybe you have limited optical stealth because its short and difficult to see among high waves unless you get close.

    Definitely it LOOKS sexy and maybe stealthy has a new meaning which relates it to stealthy

    But I would need proof that it is stealthy to radar.

    Why would you need radar or optical stealth? It would be pretty hard to hide a whale carcass in the time it takes a boat to arrive? would it??

  21. ISTR this is the boat that holds the world record for motorised circumnavigation of the world. Also, re efficiency: remember this boat is large enough for 8 people to live on.

    Still, I’d rather have the boat that holds the ABSOLUTE world record- the sailing maxicat Orange II, which did it in 10 days less (50 days not 60) while not burning any fuel beyond what’s needed to run the instruments.

  22. YEAH! Let’s burn these guys at the stake! Their bio-diesel speedboat moored in NZ does way more damage to the environment than the entire Japanese whaling fleet making its journey from the Northern Hemisphere to the southern oceans.

    Wake up you fools. It’s a drop in the ocean compared to the waste produced by the Japanese Whaling fleet.

    We all tacitly support the terrorism committed by our respective countries military, but suddenly the sea shepherd’s actions are abominable? At least they are actively doing something about the issue which is more than all the politicians playing talking head games.

    Peter Garrett (Australian environment minister) is the biggest sellout… so silent on the issue these days.

    I would laugh to see the Japanese whaling fleet sunk to the bottom of the ocean, especially if it meant the deaths of the aholes on board.

  23. Personally I think alan watson should save up and by a pair of real type 44’s to deal with the whalers. the sea-rapists will keep taking and taking until there is nothing left.
    ‘the ships of commerce will still run on dead oceans’
    Lets not forget to mention the US Navy sonar system rupturing the delicate eardrums of hundreds of whales and dolphins every year.

  24. I’ve lived in Japan for over a decade. I’ll tell you what never gets things done here:

    Violence, demonstrating, or rioting.

    If you really want to change hearts and minds here, then local, modest campaigning (and informing) is the way to do it. One heart at a time. Yes, it’s slow and painful, but I promise you, if you attack their boats at sea, you’ll see the populace take a stand against your viewpoint simply because of national pride.

    The debate about whaling will likely go on and on, but resorting to violence will solve nothing.

    @teapot: Oh, you’d be glad if all the people on board died would you? Could you look each fisherman in the face and say those big bad words? Amazing what the anonymity of the Internet gives people the balls say. Don’t expect to be taken seriously if you have such little regard for human life. You sound perfect for the sea shepherd chew – see you at role call.

    1. @teapot: Oh, you’d be glad if all the people on board died would you? Could you look each fisherman in the face and say those big bad words?

      Having also lived in Japan myself, I can safely say that I would happily say it to these assholes’ faces. In Japanese. With a smile. My Japanese partner seemed to understand my position, so I’m sure your little Japanophile mind will be able to eventually.

      This is not about nationality/race. It is about showing disregard for those who show disregard for the damage they cause. Those who continue to support the BS known as “carbon cature and storage” and construction of new coal powerplants are just as useful candidates for slaughter if you ask me.

      I think my comment made it pretty clear that I support the acts of sabotage committed by the Sea Shepherd, so why would I have a qualm with saying it to the face of someone who is part of the problem?

      I contend that your suggestion of running a campaign to win hearts and minds is preposterous. How do you seriously suggest we do this? Should we employ the favourite method of politicans and right wing groups and Drive around with a car and a loudspeaker? Spend millions of dollars on advertising? F that. How is that our responsibility? Its much more fun and cost effective to just mess with them.

      Furthermore, the Japanese whaling ships have been issued with military grade anti-personel sound canons which they use against the crew of the Sea Shepherd, whilst in the southern ocean – in direct violation of an Antarctic treaty. They clearly have complete disregard for the law and the safety of others, hence they also wave their own rights to such safety and legal protection.

      Like them or not, it is impossible to refute that the Sea Shepherd’s actions reduce the total number of whales slaughtered each year – which is a win however you look at it.

      1. Oh, go eat a magic brownie and calm down.
        Your belligerence is infantile and counter productive. You of course failed to mention how your violent (and by your own admission murderous) ends would somehow garner support for your cause and solve the problem, so I’m going to stay with my peaceful ends and go about not feeling affronted. We’ll see how far you get.

        Also, why are you ranting about ‘clean coal?’ Who said anything about that? Or about the right-wingers in their wacky-mobiles? Oh wait, nobody. Nice job though, trying to lump me in with them.

        PS – We should care about your choice in a mate why? Don’t drag him/her into this.

        PPS – Thank you, I am indeed an avowed Japanophile. I’m also a rollerskate champion, flower arranger, and muralist. I’m flattered, but if we could just stick to the topic at hand…

        1. You of course failed to mention how your violent (and by your own admission murderous) ends would somehow garner support for your cause and solve the problem

          There’s no rule that says that direct action needs to garner support to succeed. In fact, it frequently works by making it too dangerous or unprofitable to continue whatever’s being protested. If you dropped bombs on all the whaling ships, it would be condemned pretty universally, but it would still stop the whaling.

        2. Oh, go eat a magic brownie and calm down.
          With pleasure. Perhaps if I was doing that instead of sitting at work, we might be having a chat about which style of okonomiyaki is the best instead.

          Your belligerence is infantile and counter productive.
          Nice big words – do you care to explain how?

          You of course failed to mention how your violent (and by your own admission murderous) ends would somehow garner support for your cause and solve the problem
          Already dealt with by Anti (thanks btw) – but basically my position is this: If anyeone chooses to make money (its not their hobby, is it? These guys are being paid for their work, arent they?) from the killing of whales then I whole-heartedly support any action to stop them. If they are collateral damage… I DONT CARE.

          Also, why are you ranting about ‘clean coal?’ Who said anything about that? Or about the right-wingers in their wacky-mobiles? Oh wait, nobody. Nice job though, trying to lump me in with them.
          I wasn’t lumping you in with them… your abrupt defence seems puzzling – you seem suspiciously touchy… Clearly what I am saying is that if a person is making a living from destroying what is not theirs (carbon capture is still a pipe-dream, being pushed by people with vested interests in coal – to the ultimate detrement to the environment) then I wouldnt care at all if those people die. My logic is not rocket science.

          PS – We should care about your choice in a mate why? Don’t drag him/her into this.
          You shouldn’t care, and I was reluctant to bring it up – but you tried to suggest you had a better perspective than I do. Considering we both live/lived in Japan I contest that claim. You are clearly not Japanese, so I brought my partner into this simply to demonstrate that my opinion is not unreasonable – especially considering that a native Japanese person can understand and accept it.

          PPS – Thank you, I am indeed an avowed Japanophile. I’m also a rollerskate champion, flower arranger, and muralist. I’m flattered, but if we could just stick to the topic at hand…
          Whilst I hate the term, I could also easily be referred to as a Japanophile. The reason I brought it up is that your status of a Japanophile is clearly colouring your opinion in an unbalanced way. It is not impossible to love something and criticise it at the same time.

          1. It is not impossible to love something and criticise it at the same time.

            Single, childless and no pets, eh?

  25. @ benher#37
    If you’re actually doing some of that local campaigning, then I applaud you, because that is important work as well. But it is unlikely that modest campaigning alone will ever be enough. If something is important enough, than it warrants effective action on all fronts, and the last thing you need is horizontal in-fighting between members of the same team, wasting their energy criticizing each others methods.

  26. AlexG – take a look at the two route maps and you’ll see why Orange II could do it faster. Earthrace was required by a different set of rules to go through the Panama and Suez canals, which means no twirling around the southern ocean.

    They are both amazing achievements, but one should not belittle the other.

    On topic, I’m not sure what I think of Sea Shepard, but I do know they didn’t pay for the boat – it was donated. And the former Earthrace is arguably one of the cooler boats ever built. If I had an organization like that and someone offered me Earthrace, I’d sure as hell take it.

    I would ask: if people made it their job every day to go out and kill children or poor people for food, would you think it would be appropriate to go block them from doing so, even if your action was technically illegal? I’m not saying it’s right or not, but whales are intelligent and defenseless here. The fact that some people are going to try to defend them like others would defend children or poor people is not exactly unreasonable.

  27. @Imag#39

    “if people made it their job every day to go out and kill children or poor people for food, would you think it would be appropriate to go block them from doing so, even if your action was technically illegal?”

    well said.

  28. Agreed @ #20. To quote the sage Henry Rollins “people who get things done will always catch shit from people who don’t.”

  29. Give me one example of where the International Whaling Commission has condemned Japan for overfishing.

    …Oh, that’s right, the International Whaling Commission is the agency that gives Japan explicit permission to pursue their sustainable whaling goals.

    And Norway doesn’t even disguise it as science, but nobody cares about them. From an ignorant perspective, I’d guess it’s because Norwegians are white people, and it seems that some Australians like Japanese about as much as some Americans like black people.

    South Park, at usual, best portrayed the situation. The whales are not in danger, nobody is going to let them go extinct, and the small-scale commercial whaling that still occurs is not decreasing their numbers faster than they can replenish them. G gt lf nd wrry bt bggr thngs, lk yr jb whch s lkly svrly ffctd d t th rcssn. r f y dn’t hv jb, prhps wrry bt gttng jb.

  30. Let’s not forget that the actions of the whalers are technically illegal, it’s just that no nation is willing to commit its law enforcement agencies or military to enforce it. So it falls to individuals to do so.

    Now you can argue about whether Sea Shepherd’s tactics are really effective or not, and I can’t say one way or the other on that, but their actions are certainly not lacking a solid ethical foundation. And at least they’re bringing attention to the issue.

    1. #49 No it’s not illegal. Both Norway and Japan (and several others) have whaling quotas. You are conflating illegal and amoral.

  31. Wait, what? A stealth Protest boat? What a bizarre way to protest.

    Whaler #1: “Did you hear something?”

    Whaler #2: “Nope.”

    Whaler #1: “Thought I heard some shouting.”

    Whaler #2: “Nope.”

    Whaler #3: “Did you guys see that?”

    Whaler #1 & #2: “What?”

    Whaler #3: “I thought I saw a banner or something.”

    Whaler #1: “Where?”

    Whaler #3: “Over there, I thought I saw… I don’t know someone unfurling a banner. It’s not there any more though.”

  32. One thing the Earthrace people aren’t too quick to tell people is that THIS BOAT HAS ALREADY KILLED A PERSON. Their irresponsible handling of the boat resulted in a death of one, and serious injury to another indigenous fisherman off the coast of Guatemala.

    A little more than a week after the 78-foot trimaran Earthrace began her quest to break the elapsed record for circumnavigating the globe in a powerboat, the vessel collided with a small fishing boat off the coast of Guatemala. One of the fishermen was presumed killed, another seriously injured. The crew and the biodiesel-fueled vessel were briefly detained in Guatemala pending further investigation.

  33. Obligatory Position Statement:
    I’m neither an eco-radical, nor a seal pup clubber. As with most things the edges of emotional responses tend to be rather irrational. With that said, I do occasionally hunt and fish, and yes I eat what I procure and no, I’ve no interest in making it “fair”. That would be foolish, wasteful, and likely much more painful all around.


    I’m a bit amused, but mostly saddened by the severe emotional responses. Not that people shouldn’t care, but letting your emotions dictate your responses is foolish on a personal basis and worse yet, foolish for your cause.

    One poster who lives in Japan said it very well, this kind of confrontational methodology is garrunteed, one could even make an argument for designed, to encourage the Japanese people to support the whaling.

    Personally I deplore the Japanese whaling industry exploiting the loophole in the treaty. However, don’t forget to assign blame to those other’s who had a hand in it. Grab the folks who negotiated it, a serious lack of understanding of the words they crafted. Have a chat with the legislators who voted for it, they didn’t think very critically either. And last but not least, don’t forget that the Japanese are not the only ones exploiting the whales for one reason or another.

    The actions of these “anti-whalers” is terrorism in it’s classical definition. A short quote from an online dictionary. Terrorism – ” the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion”. And of course that leads to Terror – ” violent or destructive acts (as bombing) committed by groups in order to intimidate a population or government into granting their demands “. Let us see, deliberately trying to disable Japanese ocean going vessels seems to cover the destructive acts part, good luck arguing the violent part even though it’s a moot point. Terrorism plain and simple, no better than someone who blows up a hotel, they believe they are right and justified as well.

    Sadly, the materials and money used for this would likely have shut down the Japanese whaling industry if applied rationally with a bit of understanding of the Japanese psyche. A very caring and polite society which makes them almost unfairly vulnerable to a properly done advertising campaign.

    Again, one could easily argue that this method is designed to generate the most hate and discontent. I’ve always been told to follow the power to arrive at the truth. Money is of course one element of power, but don’t forget the allure of fame and emotional control of people. Who benefits from this? These folks all donate their time and abilities? Who feeds their families, who pays their tax’s, who covers their expenses? I haven’t noticed them wearing castoff’s or clothes from the salvation army.

    Are you familiar with the non-profit method of getting rich? Organization doesn’t have to make a profit to pay a nice salary and bonuses. Or to build or fund elaborate retirements, *chuckle* take a look at some of the various news reports on such.

    When it comes right down to it there are a lot of things in this world that need fixed. Ocean going mammals are one of these and there are many hard fights to correct it. But harness your emotions to give you the motivation to work hard in their interests. But do so in a logical and rational manner, all this foolishness simply moves the goal farther away.


  34. Is it just me or is Captain Paul Watson an unrepentant xenophobe? He was involved in an orchestrated effort to turn the Sierra Club into an an immigration outfit, as if slowing immigration has a global impact on the environment, when it’s just the opposite. How can people even begin to pretend that there can be a United States that preserves it’s nature in a world of poor nations? The only way to save the planet is to become less nationalistic, not more.

    Anyway, he’s a dick. See this article:

  35. Another Japan resident checking in, and I agree wholeheartedly…the attacks on the ships have made even previously uninterested Japanese side with the whalers out of national pride. Let me tell you, everyone here has seen the footage, as well as Watson’s anti-Japanese comments. Add to that that nearly everyone who looked at the “shooting” incident knows he faked it.

    Japan is now further from stopping the whaling that before this bloated blowhard started his pirate attacks.

  36. If someone could come up with a cute enough whale cartoon character that would become popular in Japan, then maybe the market for whale products would dry up in a generation.

  37. I would estimate that this ‘dinghy’ will have about 3-5 hrs of operational life in the southern ocean before it cracks apart and sinks. This is probably just a publicity vehicle.

  38. #59: Japan’s whaling fleet operates under the guise of scientific research. That “research” has been criticized as unsound, unnecessary, and not justified in taking the full quota. Unless you’re convinced otherwise, it’s commercial whaling, and therefore illegal.

    An interesting development this year is the proposed ban by the International Maritime Organization on the use of heavy oil fuels in the antarctic. Japan is a member of the IMO, and both the Japanese fleet and the Sea Shepherd flagship (MV Steve Irwin) run on heavy oil.

  39. Indeed. And Sea Shepherd are upfront that they’re not a protest organisation but enforcers.

    And that’s a purdy boat. I’m guessing it’s for getting in and out with evidence for prosecutions.

      1. Admittedly, my last sentence was in dire need of an editor.

        Perhaps “It is not impossible to love something and be constructively critical of it at the same time.” or “It is not impossible to love something and be aware of its faults at the same time.” would have been more apropriate.

  40. To Plausibe.. I applaud your intelligence and differentiation amongst these sniveling, hyocritical, apethetic, mislead excuses for humna beings. Its just plain scary that there is such a lack of intelligence, spirtuality, morality… I could go on and it’d be a long list. The earth, meaning our earth in the here and now is being decimated by mankind and along with it co-inhabitants of this planet. We think we are so superior and act in such a disconnected manner. Sea Sheperd is saving livs of living, intelligent beings who feel, who have families, who do nothing but peacefully coexist and you mfuckers out have the sheer stupidity to call the all to mild actions of protest terrorism. Would it be terrorism to stop the Natzis from exterminating the Jews in WWII then? Terrorism is an overused word and revoltion or acts of pure righteousness of the greater good are not terrorism. Terrorism is what the fucking japanese are perpetuating on intelligent lifeforms that have just a smuch right to exist as we do. I wonder what these jackasses would feel if they were hunted down and harpooned with explosives, or maybe their family members were. Im disgusted.

  41. Just submitted this to BB, but wanted to post it here as well:

    Japanese whaling ships have broken international law and risked the lives of the Ady Gil crew by ramming and destroying the bow of the Sea Shepherd’s “bat boat”.

    Image link:

    One crew member suffered broken ribs but, miraculously, there were no deaths.

    In another incident a Sea Shepherd vessel sitting at a standstill in Australian waters was deliberately rammed and sunk by a Japanese whaling ship without provocation.

    Lacky Maclean, the first mate of the Sea Shepherd’s ship, the Steve Irwin put the seriousness of the incident into context with his comment, “There’s a big difference between throwing stink bombs and sinking a vessel”.

    Furthermore it has been recently revealed that Australian airports were used by the group who oversees the Japanese whaling in the southern oceans to operate surveillance flights of the Sea Shepherd’s activities.


    This is absolutely not on. Legal action had better come from this or I will be a loud and proud supporter of harsher and more serious responses to the Japanese whaling fleet.

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