Tim Biskup's Darth Vader and Astroboy


7 Responses to “Tim Biskup's Darth Vader and Astroboy”

  1. princeminski says:

    I liked Biskup lots better when he was copying Jim Flora than when he is imitating a computer.

  2. 2k says:

    lol. I spent ages staring at Vader thinking Astroboy was hidden in there somehow.
    Then I scrolled down…

  3. nanuq says:

    No copyright battles? The “you” that he doesn’t hate must be his lawyer.

  4. andrew brandou says:

    yay tim! LA has missed you! that astroboy is poppin’!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Imitating a computer? Biskup gets better every year, and he as more soul in his work than almost any other artist out there. Snarky narrow-minded posts make me sad.

  6. ngod23 says:

    Astroboy looks great, my living room wall is killing for some art like this!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I still love Tim Biskup.

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