Grateful Dead Archivist wanted at UC Santa Cruz


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to nominate Mr Bernard ‘Bretherton’ of Phoenix Arizona.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Grateful Dead donated their entire archive to the University of California, Santa Cruz. The archive is worth untold millions of dollars and was given to the University after band members unanimously voted that Santa Cruz was where they wanted it to be housed. Both Harvard and Stanford University were actively seeking to house the archive, which they determined to be a pricessless collection of American history. After offering unknown, but probably very substantial incentives to house the archive, band members chose Santa Cruz. The archivist position that is being advertised will be supported by recently donated monies to the University. Over the past year the archive has raised millions of dollars in private donations to construct a new branch for UC-Santa Cruz’s library to house the collection. These donations will also support operations and maintenance for the collection and will help the rest of the library continue to operate and maintain access to the entire facility. Recently the library has had to cut back its operating and lending hours as it does not have the funds to keep the doors open.

    I wanted to point this out to the anonymous posters and readers out there. The donation of this archive, which the Grateful Dead would not let be tarnished for any price, has no relationsihp to current budgetary funding issues at UC. It will be self supporting. In fact, my estimation is that the donation of this archive to UCSC is one of great honors to be bestowed upon the University and will most likely continue to generate voluntary support for the archive, and indirectly for the rest of the library. This is the same library that recently had to cut thousands of journal titles due to state budget cuts. So let’s thank the Grateful Dead for keeping reading materials on the shelves in the UCSC library, for keeping all of the doors (both metaphorical and literal) of learning open to everyone and for all of the miracles they have bestowed upon us. We really need one about now. When you start emptying the libraries you have crossed from the idea of “budget cuts” to “educational failure” and “institutional collapse”. Just my 2 cents, it’s time to speak the truth and to speak out, it’s time for a miracle.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is this job still available? I wanted to go to UCSC to view this exhibit after the weather gets a little better. I would love to bring a resume and talk to someone about this. UC Berkeley masters degree, county of Santa Cruz planner, stomping ground from Arcata area, all the way down through the Big Sur (especially north Bay Area and personal/professional acquaintance of Jerry Cherry in mid 1970s in Sonoma County.

  4. lerasmus says:

    This appears to be an endowed/externally funded position, not a taxpayer/ tuition funded position.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i just attended the benefit in NYC to support this archive. Glad to see they’re using my money wisely… and if i could move, I’d be all over this. Could I work remotely? :)

    • jjasper says:

      Budget troubles? Could those possibly be caused by, I don’t know, something like a sudden collapse in the value of endowment funds?

  6. Anonymous says:

    #2, This is not at all representative of the UC or CSU waste. It’s silly, but simply is not part of why the UC/CSU system is in budgetary trouble.

  7. Anonymous says:

    i have one of those awesome degrees. and ucsc being my awesome alma mater, i was really really tempted when i saw this a couple of days ago. alas, none of my subfield interests in LIS (that’s library and information science) are NOT archives.

  8. Phikus says:

    A “tapers” dream job for sure. Too bad no one on the left coast is into that sort of thing…


    I can just imagine the interview:

    1) Where did GD play on 3-2-69? Was it a good show? Name 3 songs they played. What was the line-up?

    2) What events inspired the songs: New Speedway Boogie, He’s Gone, Might As Well?

    3) When / where was the last Dark Star ever played by the GD? Did it feature any guests? If so, who? When / where was the last DS ever played during a first set?

    4) What was the first show featuring Brent Midland? Was it a good show? What were the highlights?

    5) When / where was the first show where the GD played Terrapin Station? Did they play all parts? If not, which parts did they play?

    If internet tools are needed to find the answers, there is someone more qualified for this job out there.

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