How inductors work

Gareth from Make sez, "Here's Collin's latest electronics video tutorial, on induction. He's the David Lynch of DIY The Scorcese of open source education The Tarantino of tutorials And he rocks it all in a natty suit and tie! What's not to love?"

MAKE presents: The Inductor (Thanks, Gareth!)


  1. “the David Lynch of DIY”

    Does he make kind of confusing tutorials with multiple possible interpretations, surreal diagrams, dream-like demonstrations and sex scenes thrown in the mix ?

  2. A nice intro to principles of electronics.

    I think everyone who does a youtube video should be required to wear a suit and tie or other business appropriate clothing – it just makes people take things more seriously and leads to better production value.

    1. By required I assume you mean forced.

      Since that would be the only way to get me to wear an idiot shell while performing a service without remuneration. Altruism only gets you so far.

  3. This guy is informative and funny. It’s people like this that can help solve the “crisis” in education—AKA: The Idiocracy Effect.

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