Plastic surgery parody video

Even though the title of this hilarious short mockumentary video is "Cockhead," it's probably safe for work, since the naughty bit is mosaiced. It was co-written by CJ Davies and Mr Tom Barbor-Might.



  1. Maybe not so safe-for-work; there are several bits where the ‘appendage’ isn’t mosaic-ed. And he’s… gently stroking it.

  2. “You see, it’s like a umicorn, but it’s a umicef… it’s a man with a willy johnson sticking out the top of his head, like this. Seriously, this is where the term ‘dickhead’ and ‘pissface’ comes from, these umicefs all over the world. And they need your money desperately… to buy hats.”

    Quick, name that 80’s comedian!

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