Progressive activists tussle over Islam and homophobia


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  1. Dave Rattigan says:

    I respect Tatchell for his willingness to call out Muslims for homophobia. To me it demonstrates he’s not motivated by blind political correctness.

    • The Chemist says:

      I must ask if you respect his support for right wing stupidity in the process?

      As an aside: Ah, the Brits and their libelfights. I understand no one has sued yet, but the fact that someone can makes me imagine all the people running newspapers in the UK are sensitive little children. The people running papers in the US may well be hamfisted clods sometimes, but at least they let everyone be a hamfisted clod if they want to be.

  2. chroma says:

    Mr. Beschizza is definitely capable of better than this. This really is a lazy sort of blogging, which is just attempting to summarize an argument among authors/bloggers/intellectuals.

    I’ve started to notice this category of blog post (and Boing Boing is far from the only transgressor). They’re always a mess. “C said X about A after A told B that Y was Z. And do you know what A said then about it? Z’! Totally pwned, can you believe it?”

    It’s far better to discuss the subject directly rather than focussing on the pissing match.

  3. Machineintheghost says:

    Criticism of Tatchell isn’t nearly as dangerous as being gay in Iran:
    or Saudi Arabia

  4. Xenu says:

    I read this post 3 times and still don’t understand a word of it. Could someone translate this into English, please?

    • seanpatgallagher says:

      I agree, this post is a really confusing mess.

      The version of this article cached in Google Reader is somewhat different than the version on the live BoingBoing site.

      Gone are references to pinkies being twisted off which, I guess, was a metaphor for an argument between academics.

      Unfortunately, given the subject matter, I read it as fingers literally being twisted off.

      When crossing the chasm between British and American English, its probably best to simply say what you mean.


  5. Machineintheghost says:


    Fundamentalist Islamists hate capitalism and bourgeois Western culture! Therefore they’re good! But they also hate gays and lesbians! Therefore, they’re bad! DOES NOT COMPUTE! DOES NOT COMPUTE!

  6. Daedalus says:

    So let’s see if I can’t summarize:

    Tatchell is a gay rights activist. BB blogged about an article of his in which he criticized culture in general for not recognizing gay black people. As might be assumed from the “gay activist” standpoint, he also is no fan of a lot of Islam as it is practiced in many Islamic countries, given that said practice has exhibited a lot of homophobia and outright persecution of gay folks (being gay in Iran and Saudia Arabia and Iraq and probably other places is very dangerous). However, this sometimes brings him into conflict with another group of activists: those who want to stop Western persecution of Muslims, who might otherwise align politically with him. Saying Muslims are intolerant of gays is fuel for the “Muslims are lesser human beings” fire. Those Muslim activists hurled a big glob of shit at Tatchell (link to under fire), who put up a fan and blew it right back in their faces (link to “untruths”).

    Lesson to be learned: Activists on the left are much more interested in exacerbating their differences to the point of sectarian bickering than in uniting their efforts to accomplish even one thing they can mostly agree on, which leads to the prominence of rightwing maniacs that no one agrees with but that at least present a unified front of crazy instead of 37 different flavors of it. They’re wasting their efforts on shit-sligning and not, I dunno, maybe working together in Iraq to advocate for gay Muslims where both need it the most.

    Helping People: YOUR DOING IT WRONG.

  7. Axe7540 says:

    I can’t help thinking about The Bonfire of the Vanities everytime I read something like this about protesters.

  8. live52 says:

    In ME Islamic countries homosexuality is widely practiced but you don’t talk about it and you don’t flaunt it.

    David Bowie wrote a song about it: The Secret Life of Arabia.

  9. Rob Beschizza says:

    We don’t have an effective preview, so tend to edit live. Apologies for anything that was confusing.

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