Try the beef in "Wikipedia flavor"


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  1. dwdyer says:

    #12, Mysterious Taste Chicken, has me more curious…

    The C menu also has some U-Toy items that have me intrigued.

  2. Sork says:

    I’m fascinated there is a Chinese sign for Wikipedia.

  3. Trevel says:

    I’ve heard it tastes pretty good (citation needed).

  4. kento says:

    Stone soup: the soup that anyone can edit.

  5. Anonymous says:

    @13, that’s probably a synonym for ‘strange flavor chicken’… strange as in ‘stranger’, i.e. ‘foreigner’. So read as “this sauce is made with foreign-to-China ingredients”. It’s pretty common on Chinese menus.

    No clue what U-Toy is. Probably a really bad romanization of some obscure Chinese vegetable’s name.

  6. Moriarty says:

    But does the menu have a “Criticism” section?

  7. murrayhenson says:

    “Wikipedia Flavor” sounds like weasel words!

  8. Takashi Omoto says:

    This Beef Brisket is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by slightly sautéing it with some season vegetables.

  9. acb says:

    Wikipedia seems to be a recurring ingredient in Chinese cuisine; here it appears to be some kind of fungus used in a restaurant in Beijing, and in Taiwan, it’s apparently a type of cheesecake.

  10. mypalmike says:

    This story is so October 2009.

  11. Teresa Nielsen Hayden says:

    I’ll bet that’s a spellchecker typo. You get those in ESL menus. “Beef brisket in Wikipedia flavor” is the best one I’ve seen since “Eggplant Paramecium,” which was also spotted in a Chinese menu. The latter was originally meant to be “Eggplant Parmigiana,” but I can’t begin to guess what “Wikipedia flavor” was supposed to be.

  12. wafna says:

    “Too many cooks spoil the broth”?

  13. Zan says:

    This story came a day too late for me. I was just in Framingham yesterday for the Cake Wrecks tour event.

  14. Clay says:

    If only it had been listed under A7 instead of C15.

  15. jeblucas says:

    Going to get a visit from the FDA about those medical claims. That’s a 483 offense right there.

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