Garden Jawa

Bonnie sez, "Measuring close to a foot tall and crafted in durable all-weather resin, the Garden Jawa protects your tomatoes, zucchini, and daffodils from the dark side, armed with a garden tool bandolier, a garden hose, and a thumbs-up attitude. Reflective amber-colored eyes peek out from underneath his hood, challenging any unwelcome visitors looking to feast on his turf. True to nature, the Garden Jawa is still up to the well-known mischievous antics we know from the movies. Case in point: If you've caught's Flickr sets lately, you may have caught this little guy sneaking into Skywalker Ranch to snag some pics in front of the Main House. We've also caught him snooping around Lucasfilm's Presidio campus, reclaiming a bit of green from the dry California summer months. "

Garden Jawa a StarWarsShop Exclusive (Thanks, Bonnie!)


  1. I’m gonna wait for the premium solar powered garden light version – so when the sun goes down their eyes will gleam in the night – and my garden will be an awesome yet wretched hive of scum and villainy.

  2. They’re not going to protect your tomatoes from the Dark Side. They’re more likely to load your tomatoes into a giant caterpillar-tracked wheel barrow before attempting to hawk them to a neighbour in the next street.

  3. it’s official: garden gnomes are passé. i await several jawas in different poses suitable for a garden tableau.

  4. Will there be a matching R2D2 sprinkler? And yes, we do need Garden Jawas in multiple poses. And maybe a sandcrawler-esque planter.

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