Lovecraft sculptures



Joe Broers makes Cthulhu Mythos sculptures, which come with "fictitious 'documentation' that helps provide a feeling of verisimilitude to the project."

Miskatonic Valley Fine Art (Via Superpunch)


  1. That is like middle-aged accountant Cthulhu. I am not driven mad so much as compelled to organize my receipts.

  2. I have gotten so many gift ideas from BoingBoing, and here’s another one. My beloved is sooo getting a Cthulu for Christmas.

  3. His Cthulhu idol is probably the closest to HPL’s doodled design I’ve ever seen, and I will most certainly be ordering one soon–but that “Shub-Niggurath” looks like something August Derleth would’ve invented to masturbate to. The molds for that one flat-out need broken.

  4. Mr. Broers is a wonderful artist who produces some of the finest Mythos sculptures around. The only thing that matches that craftsmanship and detail work is the effort he puts into his paper props.

  5. Cthulhu has a face full of vacuum cleaner hoses!
    This Cthulhu sucks.
    How is this Cthulhu different from Cthulhu’s parakeet? (Hint: it has something to do with diarrhea.)

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