Panoramic view from a tongue

Dentistry in depth in Barcelona

Jeffrey sez, "Nico Roig created this fantastic visualization of a mouth at the dentist. The image of the dentist is a real photo, and the mouth is Nico's creation. If you ever wanted to see what it's like sitting on the tongue like a piece of candy... here you go."

Dentistry in depth (Thanks, Jeffrey!)


  1. I recommend finding a little animated film called, confusingly enough, “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”, which is set in a dentist’s office, from that same POV. Of course, you’ll have bad dreams for weeks afterwards, but it’s a small price.

  2. The first example I can recall of the shot from inside a mouth was on a fairly early Simpsons episode. Lisa is at the doctor getting checked out (maybe it’s when she had mumps?) and there’s a tongue-depressor shot from inside her mouth. I realized that I’d never seen a shot from that angle before.

  3. Something – likely the website thinking it’s somehow related – has spawned some more nodes inside the mouth that link to panoramas in Barcelona. I wonder if that’s a software glitch, or some sort of bizarre social commentary?

  4. Hmm, on second check, these nodes don’t appear using the embedded panorama viewer, only if you view the panorama on the website itself.

  5. I haven’t watched this. I’m not going to watch this. Just the thought of it is giving me palpitations – literally.

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