Panoramic view from a tongue


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  1. jetblackhair says:

    A surprising familiar sight if you’re a Star Wars fan.

  2. zizzybaloobah says:

    It’s also reminiscent of a musical number from the film “Little Shop of Horrors”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Might I suggest: Right Click > Little Planet View.

  4. MadMolecule says:

    The first example I can recall of the shot from inside a mouth was on a fairly early Simpsons episode. Lisa is at the doctor getting checked out (maybe it’s when she had mumps?) and there’s a tongue-depressor shot from inside her mouth. I realized that I’d never seen a shot from that angle before.

  5. wildweasel says:

    Something – likely the website thinking it’s somehow related – has spawned some more nodes inside the mouth that link to panoramas in Barcelona. I wonder if that’s a software glitch, or some sort of bizarre social commentary?

  6. wildweasel says:

    Hmm, on second check, these nodes don’t appear using the embedded panorama viewer, only if you view the panorama on the website itself.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t watched this. I’m not going to watch this. Just the thought of it is giving me palpitations – literally.

  8. SirWompus says:

    looks a lot like this guy’s pinhole camera:

  9. ill lich says:

    Cue “Sittin’ Here on a Tongue” by The Grodeck Whipperjenny.

  10. MajorD says:

    I recommend finding a little animated film called, confusingly enough, “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”, which is set in a dentist’s office, from that same POV. Of course, you’ll have bad dreams for weeks afterwards, but it’s a small price.

  11. Lobster says:

    Ooh, a piece of candy. Ooh, a piece of candy. Ooh, a piece of candy.

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