Rushkoff on writing for a new alternate reality game


7 Responses to “Rushkoff on writing for a new alternate reality game”

  1. simonbarsinister says:

    > The object of the game right now is for the players to build the “Darknet,” an alternative network through which a global resistance can operate

    Someone is going to get arrested Steve Jackson style…

  2. amoration says:

    Nice work! Freaked me out a little bit that the phenomenon generator is the same tech my husband is out building in the garage, but that shouldn’t bother more than a few billion people, right?

  3. I less than three mermaids says:

    What’s with the You Tube spammer lately?

  4. BattyMcDougall says:

    Looks absolutely brilliant.
    I see that Telefilm Canada is on board. Interesting. I never knew they dealt with video game production.

  5. ADavies says:

    #3 Is he a spammer, or is it all part of the alternet reality? One where September 11th as masterminding by gay Hispanic Jews as part of their ongoing turf war with the Bavarian Scientologists?

  6. ADavies says:

    Just spent the last half hour exploring Exoriare. Very cool.

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