Deer butt face taxidermy

 Images  Images Deer Butt Alien Art
Above are examples of deer butt face taxidermy art. Yes, indeedy. For more about this fine craft, visit "Make your own redneck art." Note that the description of the process, and reference to a hunter's "game dressing tool" called "Butt Out," may be offensive to some. Deer butt face mounts can also be found on eBay. (Thanks, Michael-Anne and Barnaby!)


  1. Haha. these are great.

    i love a good taxidermy. Gotta work on my wife’s opinion on the matter, though. If left to my own devices, i’d be surrounded by deer butt faces, squirrel cowboy lamps and dioramas, and god knows what other tacky abominations.

  2. While I doubt I’ll ever get either, I’d love to set up a deer head and a deer end appropriately spaced apart between rooms. Too many cartoons, I guess.

  3. I didn’t know this was really a thing! There used to be one for sale at Alcalas Western Wear shop in Chicago. It was kind of a human face with a little dog nose. Not buying it is one of the biggest consumer regrets I have. It’s good to know there are other items out there like it.

  4. They had one of these at our local fair a few weeks ago. It was in the “freak show” tent, labelled as a chupacabra.

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