HOWTO kill wiretaps when making a phone call


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  1. kmoser says:

    In summary: DDoS.

    • Anonymous says:


      Don’t you love it when that comes up in real life??

      Actually, somehow this reminds me of TPB’s DDo$ attack. XD

  2. Joe Helfrich says:

    So, great article and all, but I feel like I just read it.

    Since I subscribe to both the BB and BBG feeds, and since anything technology related from BB is now also getting posted to BBG, how do I not get 80% of the content twice?

  3. KanedaJones says:

    too bad it seems inconsistent. its a shame it is a sledge hammer instead of a scalpel.

    every bit helps though so good to know this..

  4. tobergill says:

    Clarification – CALEA only requires phone companies to have the capability to wiretap. Actual wiretapping is still done by the phone company after a legal order, so cops can’t “listen in on your calls without co-operation from the phone company”

    • cymk says:

      Last time I checked the Patriot Act still allows law enforcement agencies warrant-less wiretaps, so long as you are a suspected “terrorist” or have ties to “terrorism.” I put those in quotes because the ones taping the phones are the ones defining what constitutes “terrorism” in their books. An inscrutable individual could easily say person X or person Y is a “terrorist” just to get said wire tap, only to turn around and say “oh darn person X isnt supporting terror, but hey look at these others laws that X broke, lets arrest them.”

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