Venn diagram tee shows the bittersweet between happy and sad


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  1. wrybread says:

    Agreed, that 1997 line makes the shirt. I love the illustration, didn’t expect to love the giant paragraph of text, since giant paragraphs of text have no place on a tshirt, but wow that’s good.

    I still think the shirt would be better if it were purely graphical, but that’s just me probably.

    • zikman says:

      but that shirt is different. almost completely. enough, at least, to allow it to be written off as a chance occurrence.

    • amosborne says:

      I google-image-searched every word combo I could think of — happy, sad, venn, overlap, overlay, emoti-venn, etc — to no result. And I consider myself a good googler! But I *still* couldn’t believe no one had done it. I mean, come ON — it’s too simple to be new. I’m just not full enough of myself to think I’d really gotten there first — but after the first 20 searches I realized I’d gotten there first enough to not be stepping on anyone’s toes. I think it’s a different concept, execution, and intent, so I’m not embarrassed you found the image I couldn’t — I’m honestly a little *relieved* that the rule of “everything’s been done in some form or close” is safe again.

    • ikegently says:

      nah. if the lines of the smile connected, that would be different. but just because one person does an overlapping happy and sad faces does not mean that anything at all similar is plagiarized. and the devo logo doesn’t really have anything to do with venn diagrams.

  2. kpkpkp says:

    but this post is different. almost completely. enough, at least, to allow it to be written off as a chance occurrence.

  3. endymion says:

    I like this. But there is a certain age its aesthetic seems to be geared for, betrayed by everything from the font to the juxtaposition between the “honesty” of the writing and the formality of its all-caps, and especially, as if this gives the whole game away, the reference to 1997.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Maybe s/he doesn’t like appropriate punctuation.

  5. Sal Paradise says:

    Too much bacon? No such thing.

  6. Jasonclock says:

    Ooohh!! The episode with the dog!!! It broke my heart and made me depressed for days!!!

  7. johnnyaction says:

    The part about 1997? True for me. I was in the army in Alaska then. Life was good but very bad at the same time.

  8. sickstep says:

    I sure do hope that “The episode with the dog” is referring to Futurama.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Shit. 1997 is right. Or maybe it was just sad. :/

  10. Julian Bond says:

    Shame about the feral apostrophe in the last line.

  11. bazil says:

    that futurama episode was great..

  12. weaponx says:

    Ahhh 1997, losing my virginity was great until she said it hurt and we had to stop. Then I never saw her again.

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