Subversive anti-cancer cross-stitch kits

fuckcancer.jpg For survivors-to-be whose healing arsenal includes attitude. I dedicate this post, on this particular day, to Gloria Rosa Linda, who is going to beat the living shit out of breast cancer. Sewing kits range from $12 to $20, depending on what materials you'd like to include. Julie Jackson is the crafter behind them. See also these bracelets, too (those are not for sale) (, via Fuzzy Gerdes)


  1. To clarify on the bracelets, my wife came up with the idea, but we don’t make or sell them — we just ordered a batch from to give out to friends and family because it makes us feel good to yell back at the fucking cancer.

  2. when I was doin my chemo time, pals bought me a hat from Angie at Deviant Goods

    they are made from very soft yarn, with no thread stitching at the seams. Designed for people who are going through chemo, when sensitivity is an issue.

    I love the idea of cross stitch on the wall, and bracelets for friends/supporters, but a nice warm soft hat is yummy, when you feel like slightly radiated, hammered poo

  3. Love it! Anytime you can work the word “fuck” into a piece with pink bunnies, you know you’ve found perfection.

  4. I don’t want to be Correcto-Jones, but I don’t want to claim undeserved credit. I’m just a satisfied customer of Subversive Crossstitch and a cancer-hater. Julie Jackson is the genius behind SCS.

  5. Unfortunately exhaustive studies have recently shown that attitude had NO effect. Still anything on the wall with FUCK written on it has to be good.

  6. Anonymous, I’m not so sure about that.

    I’m confident that the studies you refer to were conducted correctly, but a controlled study controls for everything, and if someone with a positive attitude behaves differently, or seeks different treatment options, from a person with a negative or defeatist attitude, this would be factored out. So the studies considered people with different attitudes who got the exact same treatment, same nutrition, same level of exercise, the works.

    But it seems to me that someone with an attitude that he/she is going to do whatever it takes to beat the cancer is going to take actions that someone who wants to roll over and die would not take. This wouldn’t show up in studies or would be factored out.

  7. Working on beating the disease myself- love this sentiment. I wear hats and shirts that say “Cancer Sucks” in pink of course. It does make me feel better!!!

  8. The only good thing about cancer is this:

    Q: “How do you prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Intelligent Design is just the stuff of fantasies?”
    A: “Cancer”

    And anyone who tries to refute this claim will come across as foolish and desperate…

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